Friday, 24 April 2015

FO Friday 17/15: Tragedy

Tarot of Durer

I thought I'd find the original rather than a cover for you - and just tell you that my kids sing it as 'Tragedy ... when your butt gets stuck in a monster truck it's Tragedy''.

You're welcome.

So anyway, let me explain why you're going to have that earworm all today. I'm not sure that I will even need any words:

So you want me to wallow in it and tell you the sad story ? 

That's mean, making me re-live the experience so soon - but seeing as how it's you ... this is what happens when Titch sits down on your knitting and then it gets caught on his great big fat banana fingers. This had been 46 rows of the Sirin Bird Shawl, approx. 500 stitches in this row, of which half are OFF the needle.

This is what it looks like now:

Yeah, that's what 47 grams of size 8/0 beads looks like when it's no longer threaded painstakingly on a few thousand individual stitches.

What's that ?

Yes, I agree, I did do a remarkable job cleaning up the blood - not a stain in sight. But there's a bump in the patio paving.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

WIP Wednesday 16/15: Not Talking

Ludy Lescot Tarot

So, this is the post of not talking about things, so I guess it'll be pretty short. We're not talking about how it's my sister's birthday and how much I miss her.

We're not talking about why there are no pictures or any progress on the Sirin Bird Shawl.

We will instead hint at new life - I shall knit for two friends' babies, both due in September; and while I await a delivery of baby yarn - I know, Titch didn't believe I had nothing suitable in my stash either - I have made a start on a cute cardigan:

I forgot I had this leftover of King Cole ZigZag in my stash, from the last set of baby cardigans I made; I had only used a smidge (to complete the Vintage Lee Target Baby Cardigan), so I'm crossing my fingers there will be enough - the pattern calls for 100g of 4ply/fingering-weight yarn.

Anyway - you'd better make good your escape before I get chatty again.

Friday, 10 April 2015

FO Friday 15/15: Cricket(s)

Housewives Tarot

I know ! I know ! What can I tell you ? Real life just keeps impinging - and you'll be horrified when you hear that I actually have not done any knitting for 4 days now because of it.

Yes, I know ! I can't believe it either !

But Mini Diva is on a cricket camp all day and Destructo Boy is my far more amenable child, so today I shall hoover and then - TA- DAH - spend the rest of the day scratching my knitting itch, despite the fact I have a bunch of admin stuff to do ready for Sunday and the official start of the cricket season: Titch and I have volunteered to run the snack bar/breakfast kitchen (in spite of the overlap with the end of the rugby season).

Yeah, I know. But it could be interesting - we've removed sweeties and fizzy pop from the menu ...

Anyway, I guess it's appropriate to post pictures of Mini Diva's new cricket sweater:

This was a great retro/vintage pattern, Wendy DK 1822: straightforward with no errors, for which I ended up using 11 1/2 balls/1378m/1507yds Drops Cotton Merino, which I thought was a super yarn: soft, springy, great stitch definition and great value when bought in a Drops 'party' at £2.00/$3.00 per ball. Yes, I am happy with this project, and it was very relaxing after the whole Tru Wuv experience.

So while I go prepare to do actual knitting, do pop FO Friday into Google and see what comes up ...

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

SAL Wednesday 13/15: At Last ...

Spiral Tarot

... something new on the needles ! But don't get too excited, it looks likely that it'll be on them for a while's #3 in my Big Six Project. Using delicious Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in the colorway 500 'Natural', I have started a shawl delightfully named 'Sirin Bird':

Can you see the beads glistening ? The pattern calls for 2688. Otherwise known technically as 'squillions'. Of size 8/0 beads, painstakingly applied individually with a 0.6mm crochet hook after the stitch has been worked.

Another new thing I am doing is using Destructo Boy's new tablet (why new ? the clue is in his name - it fell out of its protective case onto the sidewalk and the screen shattered) to store and knit from the pattern, seeing as how we bought him a 10.1'' one when we thought we were buying him a 7'' one. They lied like a dog when they said size doesn't matter, believe me: bigger is bestest.

But as it's week 1 of the Easter Holidays, I must escort Destructo Boy and Pal to rollerskating (I know no fear; or rather, the route to A&E is a well-trodden path) while you sip your coffee and calmly look through what other people are up to over at Life & Yarn ...

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

SAL Wednesday 12/15: Repeating

Victorian Romantic Tarot

Well, you're going to ask me ''how are things going, show me the progress on that blimmin' cricket sweater'', aren't you ? After all, it is the only work in progress right now, any other stuff on any other needles is just gathering dust ... and you will think that like the person in the 4 of Swords there, I have done nothing but snooze since last we spoke.

Actually, that would have been nice. I do love my bed, my favorite piece of furniture, so comfy and snuggly and warm and spacious and ... what ? What digression ?

Oh OK. Here is a photo of the sleeves:

Yeah. I know. Looks pretty much the same as last week, doesn't it ? Even down to the running out of yarn thing.


I ordered, received and have used up 2 additional balls. Each ball had a different amount of yarn, as you can see from the bit that is unused. And what is left ... plus the 1 ball remaining ... will it be enough to complete the sleeve caps and the neckline ?

This time I shall gamble, I shall not order any more of this yarn until I have used up every single inch of what I currently have left.

Place your bets, please, while you pop over to Life & Yarn to see what else is going on ....

Friday, 20 March 2015

Tarot Blog Hop Ostara 2015: The High Priestess

Gentry Smith


Well, this quarterly themed Hop seemed to come round rather suddenly, don't you think ? 

No ? 

Just me then. OK.

 My Eviller Twin is the Hostess with the Mostest this time, and the theme that arose from her twisted creative mind is this:

 The Theme

Welcome to the Spring Fling Tarot Blog Hop. It’s the Vernal Equinox and daylight and night hours are equal; time to Fling caution to the wind and get creative. For this edition of the Hop, I have chosen a theme to get your creative sap rising. 

The standard Tarot deck is over 500 years old and the cards are very much a product of that time, particularly the Major Arcana and Courts. So I am asking you to consider which cards you think need to be updated, removed or added to reflect our modern society? 

Are there any glaring omissions? What is redundant? Which card has you scratching your head wondering where it fits in today? Or do you think that archetypes are so universal that there is still a relevant place for all, be they Hermits, Pages, Knights or Emperors? 

You can focus on a single card or overhaul the lot if you wish. You can be academic and serious or utterly frivolous, rename the cards in modern context or create a completely new one or several, the choice is yours. Have fun :)

Universal Waite

Well. Because I'm in a generally grumpy mood right now, I decided that in fact nothing needs changing, the cards have remained the same for 500-odd years, and quite frankly who are we whippersnappers to change something that has worked so well for so long just on a whim, our modern fascination with all things new, our modern consumerist values: it's old, let's bin it. If we followed this urge uncontrollably, many museums would be empty. This is the Fixed aspect of my sign speaking.

However. Let's examine the question more closely. What about such cards as II The High Priestess, X The Wheel of Fortune, XVI The Tower, XX Judgment ? Are they arcane ? Old-fashioned ? Inappropriate to modern life ?

I think not. And we'll use II The High Priestess to illustrate why. Here she is in her original Rider-Waite glory, stuffed full to the brim with symbolism, dripping cold detachment and mystery:

Rider-Waite Tarot

What applications could this Persian-looking maiden leader of a temple and cult have for us today ?

I shan't delve into the symbolism, much as I love it.

I shall show you how modern artists can take an old image of an archetype and breathe new life into it for the modern generations, making it more accessible and applicable for our times:

Erik C.Dunne
Druidcraft Tarot
Victorian Romantic Tarot

Each of these version remains true to the original portrayal, still chockfull of symbolism and meaning, but with a distinct modern and individual twist that the modern tarot user may find far more appealing than the somewhat garish colors and flat linear art of the original Rider-Waite deck.

It is these differences, the alternative slants, the new insights brought by modern creators and artists .... these are why deck choices are so personal: what resonates for one reader may disgust another.
Of course, let us not forget the downright odd and weird, so far outside the original box they can hardly see it, let alone remain chained to it:

H.R.Giger Tarot
Tarot of the Magical Forest
Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

I know, right ? I am very grateful for the interwebz which makes all these uniquely superb artists and their decks so readily visible. And these are only 6 versions of The High Priestess - there are SO MANY out there waiting for you to discover. And buy. 

Wait - did I say that last bit out loud ? 

Yes ? Ooops.

 But before you go shopping exploring, check out the blog before me and the one after ...


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

SAL Wednesday 11/2015: Know When to Hold 'Em

Housewives Tarot

 I have been somewhat lacking in what the french call va-va-voom since finishing the Tru Wuv Shawl: I have been merely doing pootling knitting - lesiurely, straightforward, no complexities, 18 row pattern repeat ... Mini Diva's retro/vintage cricket sweater:

Front and back complete, no errors ... I decided to knit the sleeves TAAT (Two At A Time) as usual - it seems a bit of a drag, but not half so much as having to make one followed by the other:

Again - nice and straightforward, increases every 6 rows, no issues.


Let us zoom out a bit:

I have 3 more repeats to do, or another 8 1/2 inches before getting to the top of the sleeves, plus the border of the rather deep V-neck. And that is the last unused ball of yarn.

One of the problems with using retro/vintage/just plain old patterns is many of them don't list the yardage of the recommended yarn, and one can't find any information on it - this pattern was for Wendy Pure Wool 25g. and needed 16 balls/400g for the size I'm making (or Wendy Courtellon Double Knit 20g, using 23 balls). I had bought 10 balls(500g) of Drops Cotton Merino with a total of 1198m/1310yds and thought that would be enough.

My unwillingness to live the adventurous life on the raggedy edge increases weekly, if not daily, I'm sure. I've ordered another 2 balls.

Go see how other people don't run out over at Life and Yarn ...