Thursday, 6 May 2010

Catching Up

As regards blogging, I've been a bit aimless since the weekend when the Knit & Crochet blog week ended. I thoroughly enjoyed it, not least because of the new people and blogs it introduced me too, and the new friends I've made - you'll see some new blogs in my blogroll. I particularly appreciated those people who took the time and effort to translate their blogs into English, so I understood them. Now I shall have to seek out some new interesting tarot blogs to restore the balance between Pentacles and Cups.

I believe that over 80 people took part, and I think I managed to visit each blog at least once, and commented on most. Yes, real life did fade into the background that week. I learned that steeking and colorwork were the most popular techniques that people wanted to learn; I saw some droolingly gorgeous yarns and amazing projects; it seemed that people either learned through a family member or books and the internet. And was inspired by reading all the comments on acrylic yarn to mount my soapbox.

But now normality has returned; it is election day and I am hiding from the overwhelming coverage in the media. I was the victim of an attempted political mugging outside Mini-Diva's school yesterday - the Labor candidate plus leeches, I mean supporters, were loitering with intent right outside the school gates leafleting the unwary. I feel that this was inappropriate, as there was no clear route of escape - ALL the gates were covered, and one had to enter to retrieve one's child. I'm sure I was not the only parent asking myself whether I loved my child enough to run the gauntlet ....

I have three live projects on my needles right now - a lacy scarf made with fabulous purple Kidsilk Night; a Willow Leaf stole in 4 ply silk; and a baby hoodie - I didn't like the original stitch pattern, so am doing it in a chevron stripe; which is kind of ironic since I have no particular desire to do colorwork. It shows one can learn almost accidentally. And now I am going to go learn more - as a side-effect of media avoidance, I shall search for a WIP (Work In Progress) widget to instal here ...


  1. It is a times like those that one would wish for the children to emerge from school covered in paint or some other unpleasantness to push past the interlopers :D

  2. I'm with you on acrylic/man made. I find wool itchy, even a small percentage, so I usually use acrylic or cotton. I love cotton although it can be weighty depending on the garment.

  3. Well, I see the Ravelry Progress bars. Are those new? Or are you looking for a new widget. Sorry about the crazy leeches. Did you love said child enough to cross the gauntlet? :-)

  4. LOL Sara, thanks for noticing :) Yesterday I did - had it been this morning, might have been another story ;)
    Ania, Destructo Boy came home yesterday in some kind of paint that will NOT wash off, either skin or clothes ....he will meld in nicely when the aliens land :-)

  5. Viv - you just push past the congregated politician types shouting 'love to stop and talk, but we've got to get the impetigo cream on' and watch them spring away from you like the veritable parting of The Red Sea.

    Ali x

  6. You could also say that you think you got all the lice, but you're not sure. Then offer to shake hands.

  7. Shellee, that'd a fab one :D


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