Friday, 18 November 2011

FO Friday 61: Hat Trick

My title just goes to show how side-splittingly witty I am. Just in case you hadn't already realized. 

The first of today's Finished Objects is - FANFARE - that blimmin' Vintage Cabled Sweater that lasted for nearly ever:

I am so glad that I simplified the sleeves and just had one cable running down the centre; if I'd knitted it exactly to the pattern,. ie. cables everywhere right up to the edges,  I would still have been knitting this at the turn of the next century - and it's only for a 7 year old. It's made using the fabulously good value Stylecraft Life DK in the colorway 'Crocus'. It's washed, dried and awaiting Xmas wrapping paper.

A quick and easy yet impressive-looking knit was the Seriously Simple Shawl:

Made from one and a teeny jot balls of Regia Hand-dyed Effect by Kaffe Fassett in the colorway 'Rubin', to which the photo does no justice at all. This too is washed, blocked, dried and folded awaiting Xmas wrapping for my MIL.

And finally, the Hat of the Hat Trick:

Not my photo, so this time I'm not taking the blame for the fact that this too doesn't show the fabulous warm earthy colors of Patons UK Colourwork Aran in the colorway 'Terracotta'. The pattern was the Irish Hiking Hat; all I did different was to lengthen the ribbed section to make a turn-up brim. It was a birthday gift for my BIL, for when he walks this:

OK, there isn't any Irish involved with that. Or hiking, as it happens - apart from anything else, they live in the Fens, which is flatter than Holland. But there is Outdoors, so that counts, right ?

Over at Tami's Amis are lots of purty things to look at ......


  1. Love the sweater and I think the picture of the hat looks great too!

  2. That is quite a pile of accomplishments! Congratulations to you on getting all of it done and ready to go. The sweater is beautiful, and I like the simpler sleeves. I'm especially loving the colors in that hat, though. They make me want a fireplace and some cocoa.

  3. Ha, I've just done my version of crafty Christmas - uploading photos to Jessops for cards, mugs and mooses ;D Absolutely love the hat - lucky BIL!

  4. Lovely all!! But that last pic is just precious.

  5. Wow you have some really beautiful FO today. I particularly like the hat (being a hat lover), that pattern is in my queue already, and you've made me want to knit it right now! You have some really lucky people on your Christmas list!

  6. 3 FOs - nice job! I don't blame you changing the sweater sleeves - and I actually think it works better than all over cables anyway ;)


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