Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Not Waving, But Drowning

Robin Wood Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot

We are in the final countdown to the end of term, and everything seems to be loaded into one week: two sports days - on the same day, of course, so that both children can hate me equally, since I can't be at both places at the same time; Mini Diva told me  she would rather throw herself under a car if I cannot be there to watch the afternoon session, ie, when I will be watching Destructo Boy, having spent the morning and lunchtime with her. I say have no clue where she gets the drama llama gene from, but put it this way: it is not from my side of the family.

There have been 4 birthday parties to attend (three for him, one for her), a sleepover, a Beaver Scout meeting, a zumba display, a dance troupe display, a hiphop class; there will be a class picnic in the park for Mini Diva, a Beavers Olympics, two family birthdays, and a Beavers trip. And in middle of all this fun and frivolity, I am suffering rather badly with insomnia.

And this is only from last Thursday, when the maelstrom sequence started with the Olympic torch relay arriving, for which we had entry tickets to the special arena (won in a school draw):

                                        one of those interesting art imitating life kind of photos

                                     an arty angled photo of the big screen, cauldron being lit

cauldron burning

 The last photo is of a band called Morning Parade; proving that I am not as down and happening with the kidz as I thought, since I'd never heard of them. Their tunes all sounded the same, a bit like Einaudi, but with twangy rock guitars, kool shades, and LOTS of volume instead of a quiet plinky piano.

I think you can tell, that maybe soon Annie Leibowitz will be calling on me to help her out.

Blog post title, with thanks, from Stevie Smith.


  1. What a busy time you're all having!

    And big Portant Looking event for baton thing!

    You ARE Annie L <- cannot spell Her surname :-)


  2. It'll all calm down soon, right?

  3. lol! Just breathe and it'll all be over next week. But do keep breathing. :)

  4. Hey missy, I've nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award. I'm passing it on, feel free to check it out at http://voiedevie.blogspot.com/2012/07/embarrassment-of-goodies.html


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