Friday, 18 October 2013

FO Friday 158: Back or Forward ?

Halloween Tarot

Well, yes, I am kind of cheating, it's true. I have no proper FO as such. This is as far as I have got on my Romanesque:

Pretty impressive, huh ? I am making the large version, which meant I had to run out and buy an additional 4th ball of the Lanas Stop Baby Wool.

This close-up is what is left of the 4th ball. You'll notice in the 1st photo, the shawl is still on the needles, ie. unfinished. This is because there are about 10 rows of approx. 400-odd stitches of the last chart left to knit. There is definitely not 10+ rows-worth of yarn remaining - we are on 560m and counting, and the pattern says it needs 402 - 805m. I hadn't noticed the 805m aspect of it until just now. This shawl is going to be mehusive, and I'm probably going back to buy another ball tomorrow.

Rip it back to your lifeline and make the smaller size, you say ?

In spite of my lack of any lifeline whatsoever, I am merciful today and allow you to escape intact and alive, to go view real FOs over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. I would definitely buy another ball of yarn rather than ripping back. Ripping lace? Even to a lifeline? Too painful! Knit on.

  2. Press on. If I can frog back 2 sides of stole border and persevere with starting it again, you can carry on. 6 reps down, 54 to go

    1. Sorry, wishful thinking, 59 to go

  3. That is going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see it blocked!

  4. Never rip back (if at all possible); always knit forward. You know you need a trip to the yarn store. Yes, yes you do. :)


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