Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday Meditation

Housewives Tarot

So having waved Mini Diva off for a week's residential trip with her school, somewhere out in the rain-soaked wilds of Norfolk (I think), the house would have been eerily peaceful and quiet with only occasional thumps from Destructo Boy. 

However, his school has seen fit to torture the parents by handing out recorders as if they were broccoli. The kids are treating them as if it were candy - they just can't get enough. It is quite challenging to look and sound encouraging of one's offspring's raucous non-musical shrieks when in one's heart there are black violent murderous thoughts of using the stove-top to melt the shiny new plastic when he is asleep.

Anyway. I am here procrastinating instead of working on my NaKniSweMo Cardigan - I have over 32,000 stitches done, but have still only completed the back; the sleeves seem to be taking forever. Of course, they will do if you don't actually spend any time actually knitting them. But the last clue for the SusannaIC MKAL shawl was released on Saturday, so I have been paralyzed by utter laziness  indecision.

I decided to put the paralysis to good use, by taking an extended nap meditating deeply while on the sofa in order to recharge my batteries. But I am not feeling refreshed, I am feeling like I want a cake and another nap, because surely that chewing will tire me out again. But I will try to be a decent parent, and instead will add several layers of clothing in order to go collect Destructo Boy from school in the grey November wetness.

If you have stayed with me through that random ramble, well done. You too may have cake, but bring some back with you later in the week when you return for the next enthralling instalment  ....


  1. I await. Breathlessly. damply (well, where you are). with deep desire for more cake...vicarious cake being best for those who need to avoid sugar personally. anticipation is flowing forth and hopefully pooling around your fingers and forcing them back to the keyboard........
    THANK YOU FOR POSTING. It makes a difference to me.

  2. You have my sympathy on the recorder:) We had those last year. My son managed to completely torture us all with just one note. Over and over and over...

  3. How can you not finish the shawl now you have the last clue? Ok, maybe it's not as exciting as a clue in a murder/mystery weekend. Still, if you've made it that far...

  4. I like your NaKniSweMo pattern choice - will look forward to seeing the end result.


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