Wednesday 4 December 2013

WIP Wednesday 173: Oddments

Mystic Dreamer Tarot

So with the pressure of NaKniSweMo removed successfully by completing the Strawberry Cabled Cardigan - see how clever I am referring to this again, just so I can slip a couple of way better photos in:

So anyway. I didn't want you thinking for a moment that I was sat doing nothing - perish the thought ! Instead I have fallen victim to Christmas making: with 20 days to go, I have 3 items I MUST make. In fact, they need to be posted, so I have much less time than that. Did you hear my voice go up a notch or three ?

Yep, this is what I have to work with. I am getting really good at fudging creative problem-solving, since I don't really know what I'm doing. Thankfully, I don't think anyone else will, either.

You may enjoy the leisure of a jump to Tami's Amis, while I work my fingers to the bone .....


  1. wtf are you CHOOSING to use black wool for?! You know that my dog sweater never got out of the traps, but I did knit him a fetching snood :-D Can I use your pix in my blog post at the end of this week - I wants to brag about knowing some fab knitters? :-)

  2. Love the sweater! Good luck on the Christmas knits...I am trying to get some finished up as well...not sure I will make it!

  3. Your sweater is gorgeous! You will have your Christmas knitting done in a flash I'm sure:)

  4. Gosh, that's definitely going to keep you busy! Good luck!

    Your cardigan is beautiful - such great detail and the colour is lovely.

  5. That is a great sweater and it fits you perfectly!


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