Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WIP Wednesday 199: Cold Molasses

Spiral Tarot

Grey and overcast today, and the only thing that will ease me at the moment is a blitz of the house. I know, that just shows you how bad things are. But before I whizz off, I can tell you I've completed clue 3 in the Wild Flowers MKAL:

There are nupps in there. Although I quickly gave up with needles and used a crochet hook (on the purl row, to drag the yarn through the loops), I have no love for them whatsoever. I should have gone and bought some nice big sparkly beads and used them instead of the nupps, which are kind of lost in this yarn anyway. You live and learn, sometimes more slowly and painfully than one would wish - the crochet hook method in that link looks a breeze.

I've chosen to use the 'large lace' option on the Yalinka Shawl, and now stand at Row 45 out of 96. It still looks tiny:

I thought I had fished out all the dog hair, but the camera tells the truth: I failed. And it proves that I really, really do need to get the vacuum out. While I do that, why not pop over to Tami's Amis and see what else is going on .....


  1. Those yarns are ever so pretty, Viv. I can see no dog hair, so panic not :-)


    1. You need new bifocals like wot I haz.

  2. I can't see the dog hair either, but I'm starting to develop a blind spot when it comes to dog hair (Dog hair? What dog hair? No, I don't think we need to hoover again)
    Love the colours on the shawl and looking forward to seeing it blocked - I expect the nupps will show up better then :D

  3. Nupps or not, that shawl is GORGEOUS!

  4. WOW! I'm impressed by your mad lace skills. I haven't developed the patience or stamina to complete a full-on lace shawl (in lace weight yarn) yet!

  5. Gorgeous shawl!!! I love the colors in the!!!

  6. I cannot see any dog hair. :-) Both projects are lovely.

  7. Both your projects look perfect to me, loving the first one

  8. Oh, I love the yarn in the fist shawl. So pretty. Can't wait to see both done.

  9. I'm not a pastel kind of guy, but the yarn in your Wild Flowers is beautiful. I do wish I could compliment your Yalinka, but given the problems you had with the first ball of yarn, I don't want to start no jinx action.


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