Wednesday, 11 February 2015

StitchAlong Wednesday 6: Grumping

Wizards Tarot

Today I am feeling as pugnacious and grumpy as this Queen looks - after a good day yesterday where I achieved everything on my long list of things to do, today I am on the huh and trudging through treacle and have nothing much to show for it.

Having completed the Lily Go MKAL, I tried to resume work on my 2nd attempt at Tru Wuv: I have finished the transition charts, and am starting the lace setup chart. Except that it doesn't work - I end up 2 stitches out. I am pretty sure this is some kind of obvious thing, like the 2 stitches that are actually and aren't technically part of the set of edge stitches; and I can't 'read' the knitting because I suck at that and plus it just looks like lots of holes rather than a pattern at the moment.

So rather than give in to the almost overwhelming and disproportional rage - come on, guys, it's only a blimmin' knitting pattern fer pete's sake, right ? - I shall turn to something else entirely ....

A couple of almost vintage patterns from roughly the same era ... I shall make one in time for the start of Mini Diva's cricket season:

And I shall be using some lovely squishy Drops Cotton Merino DK yarn:

However, Mini Diva tends towards the fashionable as opposed to the stylish, so I'm not sure that she will agree that a cricket sweater worn off-field with jeans is a classic look. 

You can leave me to mither and check out some nice things over at Yarn and Life ....


  1. I "walk through" the pattern stitch by stitch when that happens and put markers along the way when I'm sure it's right. That usually narrows down the problem to a point where I can fix it. Normally it's a missing or extra YO or where I've accidentally k2tog where a YO has crossed over or stuck to the stitch beside it.

  2. The true wuv looks very delicat! You are brave!!!! Regula

  3. The Tru Wuv looks like a cloud....I'm sure you'll figure it out and it'll come along nicely...good luck on convincing Mimi Diva...

  4. Love the rugby look! And that yarn looks so soft. I have never used Drops yarn, though think they have lovely stuff.


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