Monday, 11 January 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, things are getting back to normal this week - between the stomach bug and the snow, DD was off school all last week. She was eager for school this morning even though it was snowing and icy. DS' nursery school doesn't start again until tomorrow. I have really enjoyed having them home for that extra time. Plus, of course, it saved me all that walking. This was Friday:

I have run out of one fabrics I need to make SIL's Bump's cot quilt - DH offered to take me to the lovely quilt shop on Saturday to find a suitable substitute/equivalent, but having heard the traffic report, I politely declined, as the idea of becoming stuck for hours in sub-zero temperatures really didn't appeal, for some odd reason. And as I told him, I have a little time in hand as the Bump isn't due til February, plus, I have loads else I can be getting on with; I am never bored, or short of things to do. Here is a pic of how it's going so far; I think it is bright, but not quite the eye-bleeder I feared it might be:

So while I am waiting, I have started a scarf for MIL's birthday next month, a very lacy stitch pattern that I can't find the name for, out of this; it's really soft, but machine-washable and so will be no hassle for her to care for; DD told me MIL has a brown coat, so it ought to 'go' as well.

I'm taking part in a UK/EU soap swap via the main soap forum I'm a member of; it has to be ready to ship at the end of February/beginning of March, and the theme is 'Fruitalicious Spring Swap'. Having no coconut oil left, and no fruity fragrance oils on hand, it's lucky I made surplus spice/orange/honey soap before Christmas, as that will be well and truly cured. I've been in swaps before with nearly all the other people who have signed up, and I am really looking forward to OPS (Other People's Soaps) - it's always a fun learning experience. I've been using my Three Kings soap recently in the shower - not only is the smell fabulous, but the shea butter I added to the recipe really makes a difference to the feel and the lather of it; there's an extra .... solidity .... both to the bar, the slip, and the bubbles. Definitely a recipe for repeating.

And as my hands are freezing and I need to thaw them I leave you with a GKP (Gratuitous Kittie Pic), of Inky and Jewel on the sofa, as proof Jewel does come out into the open when no-one is around:

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  1. Inky looks slightly of oriental origins - does she yowl like one too? :) And as for Jewel - a mini Margie :) They look gorgeous - can't wait to meet them :)



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