Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Silver Linings

I thought we were over the stomach bug, but today DS copied DD's weekend performance almost exactly; he's asleep on the sofa behind me now, poor sausage. DD is fully recovered and cleared to go back to school but is desperately hoping for the heavy snow that has been promised, so that she can stay home and make a snowman. Operation Stack is running at the Port of Felixstowe, but DH's night heater is working fine, so I have no worries about him freezing to death tonight at least.

I had a serious panic the other day - I couldn't access the data stored on my memory stick, on which are all my backup files, including every single one of DS' baby pictures. From all my Googling, and technical friends, I gather it is totally kaput. I almost cried - until I remembered that I still have the original hard drive. Somewhere. My friend Ruth has offered to drive up from Colchester at the weekend to sort the whole mess out for me, bless her and her DH's cotton socks. Of course, that may not happen because of the weather, and actually there is no urgency to retrieve the data, at least now that I know I still have it.

In further technical news, I revamped my website to make it much prettier, and solicited feedback; I had some fabulous constructive criticism from my friend and fellow Raveller CandyBill, and so now not only does it look prettier, it is much more streamlined, and navigates in a far more logical way. Well worth the superficial wound to my ego and hours spent twiddling and tweaking .

And on top of that, I borrowed one of DH's coats today to go out when it was snowing - using his means that I can fit the 6 or so necessary layers of clothing on under it, plus it comes down to my knees - and in the pocket I found a lost and lonely £10 note. So, never one to instantly squander free money, I hotfooted it down to the camera shop and bought a rechargeable battery set. So now, TA-DA i.e. a fanfare, what you have all been waiting with bated breath for of my Xmas present kitties !

Inky & Jewel Inky Binky


The photos don't do them justice, but I was kind of handicapped, firstly by my non-existent photographic skills, and secondly
because Inky won't keep still, and Jewel still rarely comes out into the open - here you see her under our dining table/chair ......


  1. Aww Jewel looks like Margerita ...lovely kittens :) Annie xxx

  2. Jewel has a lot more white than Margarita did, and she's young but not a kitten :-) Very beautiful, though :-)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! How old are they?


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