Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cod Liver Oil

Sunday and today have been the only sunny days we've had in about 2 weeks or so: the torrential rain and cold greyness has been depressing and miserable, to say the least. Hibernation would be mental salvation. However, on both decent days Mini Diva and I took the dog to the park, where I enjoyed them running round using up energy and tennis balls: I doubt I would have done this if we had been dogless.

I am feeling restive, yet unable to commit to anything because I desperately need to springclean - a Herculean task akin to cleaning the Augean stables - during which process I have decided that I will jettison lots of 'stuff'; our house is tiny with little storage space, and the things that live in boxes and cupboards that haven't seen use in a year or so is obviously not needed, and therefore can go for recycling, whether via a charity shop or otherwise. I know I can be this harsh, I have done it once before (after my divorce) but I am not looking forward to it.

An additional challenge is that because the house is small, it will have to be done somewhat like a magic square:
It will also have to be done when I am on my own, or else I get really grumpy. Which means that I am going to have to be very self-disciplined, and manage my time far more effectively. What joy. Usually you can camouflage vile things that are good for you with something else, eg. cold liver oil in capsules, or maybe find something equally good that balances the evil, eg. finding one of these:

Chippendale chair

or these:

Ming vase

But after all our moves, and given that the access hatch to our loft is mouse-sized, I feel it is somewhat unlikely ....


  1. Unlikely, maybe. But it's nonetheless possible. The potential for amazing discoveries is how I got through out perpetual moving around.

  2. I have no doubt that I would find such things in the basement. However, this area of the house is Roy's, and I am not allowed to peek.

    Glad you like my orange! It is now turning yellow, and hopefully will segue into green and blue around the time I get to the edging.


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