Monday, 31 January 2011

Project Umms

I had determined that this year was going to be The Year. The Year where I not only remember everybody's birthday, but get a present to them in time. So far I am going great guns, starting with one of my 6 SILs on last New Year's Eve. I posted another SIL's present a full month in advance, having written the date in the wrong month entirely. I have all the remaining four February presents all either bought or knitted, ready to wrap and post. I have no birthdays (apart from Mini Diva's) to prep for until the five due in April.

So, my dilemma is what to do now ? I know I will most likely be casting on for Mini Diva's aran coat, using Stylecraft Special Aran with Wool in Blackberry, but I don't anticipate this being a birthday knit, so have no deadline for completion.

I feel I really ought to use some of the fabulous posh yarn I've accumulated recently to knit something stunning either for no reason or for myself. I would take a photo of it, heaped artistically in a wooden bowl against a trendily out-of-focus background or something, except my trusty digital camera has given up the ghost - it still takes pictures, but you can't tell beforehand of what, as the display screen thingy remains obdurately black. Which makes taking pictures kind of interesting and mysterious, but not in a good way.

It also means that I have three FOs to show off, but cannot be bothered with the guessing game of photographing them; especially when we add in the challenge of natural winter light - or lack of.

Still, it is my birthday this week, and as you well know, hope springs eternal ....


  1. Your birdy? This week?! *eek* You're so well organised, I am still delivering Christmas presents.

    Must not forget about your birthday *scribbles furiously on bit of paper next to mac*


  2. Oh I don't know, there is something awfully exciting about not knowing what you're going to get out of your camera. At least you're not shooting with film. Where's your sense of adventure eh? ;P


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