Friday, 13 January 2012

Bad Hair Day

So VIII Justice from the Deviant Moon tarot is pretty apt in describing how I feel this week about a couple of customer service issues; and it's not the first time I've blogged about poor service - either I am unlucky, service standards are indeed falling - even plummeting - or I am turning into a Grumpy Old Woman.

I order my weekly groceries online from Asda for delivery: I spend less (no impulse buys) and it avoids wasting valuable family time in the supermarket at the weekend. This week, I waited for 4 1/2 hours, 2 1/2 of which were after the specified delivery window, for my delivery. Customer Services rang the store, and then some poor underling got the short straw of calling me to tell me he had no clue why I hadn't had my delivery, why it appeared on the CS system as ''delivered'', where it was currently, and what time I might expect it. There was no apology. There was no management available to answer my queries. There was no refund on my delivery charge - it had to be processed by management; if I would like to call the next day and speak to him, it could be arranged. It is also not the first time that this kind of thin has happened - there was one occasion where my delivery never showed up at all .....  

Guess who'll be shopping at Sainsburys from now on ?     

 The second instance of poor customer service was at the hairdresser. Remember how I told you DH had been wildly extravagant with my Xmas presents ? Well, one of them was gift vouchers for an expensive nationally franchised salon (nameless in the interests of fairness until the problem is fixed ....or not), as I haven't been to the hairdresser for about 18 months. Having been in for a consultation where I said that I wanted 4 things:

1) a perm
2) height on top
3) curls, not waves
4) for my hair not to be in my eyes

I got none of these things. Well, maybe the perm - technically.

I paid £110 (approx. $169) - yes, that's £110, I can't believe it myself ! - and I spent 5 hours in the salon (it took her over 2 hours just to put the rollers in) which included having my hair washed with water from a kettle because there was some problem with the boiler, being left for over 1/2 hour with heavy-duty conditioner drying on my hair on my own with nothing to do/read while she went and did a cut/blow-dry on another customer, and a very lacklustre apology when at the end I extremely politely said that I wasn't happy with the result. I also had to call a friend to collect Destructo Boy from school as I wasn't going to make it .....I was there from 9:30am to 2:30pm. I had 3 cups of tea, 2 wees, and missed my lunch entirely.

She went off to speak to her manager, who did not condescend to come and speak to me herself, and as a result I am returning there on Monday - with plenty of trepidation - for my hair to be re-done from scratch, for free. 

 I had paid £70 for the perm, and £40 for a cut & blow-dry - the cut was 1 inch off my ends, no layers or shaping, and took her less than 10 minutes. I am afraid that I did not leave a tip.

I called yesterday to speak to the manager, and received ...efficient ...assurances that the stylist was indeed fully qualified and that I would have it all fixed without issue, and not to worry.

This is a photo of the very becoming but totally uncurly back of my hair about 3 hours after leaving the salon:

Needless to say, DH is gutted: his carefully thought out gift ruined.


  1. It's pretty, but it's not very permed and doesn't look like much height on top either :-(

    Fingers crossed that they get it right next time, Viv. And then there's always Head Office to contact. Such poor service and then such poor customer service reflects badly on their brand - however it turns out on Monday, I'd still contact HO......

    Goooooood luck!!!!!!

    Ali x

  2. Oooof, very bad customer service :( Sorry about your hair, I hate when things like that happen, so disappointing.

    I used to get shopping delivered from ASDA, until they randomly cancelled a delivery without telling me, then offered me a replacement shop 7 days hence. I started getting sainsburys delivery after that (and in my area at least, they have been wonderful).

  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your bad experiences. One of my friends had a similar experience with ASDA - her food delivery never showed up. She was offered a £5 in compensation!!!

  4. Sorry you had such a rough couple of experiences. That is quite bad really, both the ASDA and salon. Not a big ASDA fan myself. Hope all goes well Monday.

  5. Whoa! That is not a perm. You've got some lovely hair, though.

  6. Do not get me started with cases of bad customer service. I am extremely sorry one of yours involved your hair ... and your husband. I hope you have better luck in the hair chair next week.

  7. I hope to high heaven the salon has the sense to refund your original payment, fix the problem for free and offer a free return visit somewhere down the road. That is what is called for in this situation. I also hope they know better than to have the same so-called stylist work on you again. It looks like the perm didn't take, but hopefully also didn't do any damage?

    Whatever else happens, I hope DH knows that it was a lovely gift idea. They ought to send him an apology as well.

  8. Ugh, don't talk to me about hairdressers. Just don't. They're evil.

    Anyway, how'd it go?

  9. Oh dear... :/ So how did it go...? Hope they got it right this time. I treated myself to a more expensive than usual salon dye and cut before Christmas and was also less than impressed so I can totally sympathise... And no, I didn't leave a tip either!

  10. I had to postpone til Thursday as I had Mini Diva home with an earache ....


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