Monday, 9 January 2012

The Best-Laid Schemes ....

 .... o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley, ''

Even I didn't know I spoke Scottish. And I won't do so again in a hurry, I promise.

It's a good thing that I don't make New Year's Resolutions, or the one about posting regularly would have already been broken. But we can spin it and instead say that it was an unplanned holiday ...

This Queen of Pentacles from the Comparative Tarot deck illustrates what I have been mainly doing: watching other people. Not, not being a voyeur, just that I haven't had anything much to contribute - especially since I have got too apathetic mellowed out to get worked up or involved in anything controversial.

While my Good Twin has been on the missing list because of the stunning lack of foresight, preparation and ability to react of her local authorities, my Evil Twin has been on a tekky buying spree ( a MacBook of surpassing style and price) and I have been organizing the second Blog Hub Swap - sign ups close at the end of Sunday 15th January, so you have loads of time left to join in on something that was great fun last time.

I have some research to do on the next line of soaps I want to make, and my knitting goals for this year are threefold:

1) nothing with a deadline (there are only 2 items with a deadline, and I will not allow this number to increase)

2) knitted gifts for the mature ladies who are important to me: the lilac Karise Shawl is on it's way to my Auntie Vera in Aberlady as we speak. Two of the remaining three may possibly occasionally read this blog so no names for them yet so as I can avoid the heads up, but I'm almost 100% sure that my Auntie Hazel (my mother's youngest sister) does not, not being a fan of technology

3) this year is also therefore my year for shawls. I love 'em. All I need to do is find a way to display them.

4) not a knitting goal ....I want to seriously pick up my crochet this year. A simple Granny square afghan will do.

And finally, I want (and need) to revamp my website

None of this is happening today, though, as Destructo Boy is home from school with a temperature.


  1. Ooh, get yourself over to the MMario Yahoo group - loads of shawls on there :D

  2. I am returned from the land of the missing and need to tell you that I contemplated buying some YARN while in Glasgow. There was a BEEEAUTIFUL wrap on the Craft Mannikin in John Lewis and I thought 'that looks easy.'

    It took 13 balls of Kaffe Fassett yarn at £17.00 a ball. AND YOU STILL HAD TO KNIT IT YOURSELF!!!!! I ended up buying nothing. But I yearn for Noro.
    I am becoming a knitter.....

  3. Oh no! Poor Destructo Boy! Non-germy hugs and kisses from across the Atlantic.

  4. I fully support goal 1! I hate deadlines too.

    Good luck with achieving your goals, and I hope Destructo Boy feels much better soon

  5. New years resolutions are BS anyway. How do you like your new Macbook?


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