Monday, 11 June 2012

Mojoless Monday

Steele Wizard Tarot
Wow, it's a bit dusty in here, and the spiders seem to have made themselves at home by draping several cobwebs over the dark unused corner that is my blog recently. Oh well, never was much of one for housework, there are always SO many trillions more interesting things to do.

 I have been burning bridges with the gay abandon of a pyromaniac starting a very successful campaign of arson by first setting light to the fire station and destroying all the fire engines.

Cathartic as this experience has been, bridges are a finite commodity, as are friends, and so we hope the Prozac will obviate a recurrence.

I must say how touched I have been by the emails and messages I have had asking about my absence and inquiring about my well-being.

But all this sturm und drang has left me feeling mojo-less: after a knitting sprint, I have only 1 WIP on my needles, which - natch - I'm not in the mood for knitting right now. The items in my queue that I want to knit I don't have the pattern or the yarn for. I have some lovely yarn in my stash that doesn't suit the patterns I already have. Isn't that always the way ?

I may have to turn to crochet.


  1. I have missed the bridge-burning *stands pathetically with packet of uncooked sausages and a warm beer* On the bright side though, I'm clearly not a burned bridge :-D

    Give crochet a blast. Can you actually DO lace? I know you can knit lacy loveliness, but can you do the thing with the bobbins?

    Glad to see your blog again :-D


  2. Which bridges have you burned with reckless abandon? :)

    And there's always room, yarn and hooks available for any and all hookers.

  3. Glad to see that your sense of humour wasn't one of the casualties :D

    Gowan, you know you want to try crochet...


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