Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WIP Wednesday 99: Pebbles Galore

Tarot of a Moon Garden

So if you read my friend Steph's blog, you'll see some pictures of the beach at Aldeburgh. Yesterday after school it was hot and sometimes sunny, so we went to the beach at Felixstowe, where we picnicked, Mini Diva swam in the sea, Destructo Boy played with the waves, and - bonus - DH turned up to the amazement of all except me, who knew he would be back in time.

Anyway, as you can see, Aldeburgh is not the Champeen of Pebble Beaches, Old Felixstowe is; I promise it is not some random pile of stones, the sea really is just over yonder:

And just to show you, here is the white sail of a boat on the sea:

Of course, the plus side of pebbles vs. sand is that you can knit without worry of granular contamination; so I did. And I am 64 rows into the Celestial Half-Circle Shawl, using the 'Cloud 7' colorway of Crazy Zauberball; it's purty, isn't it ? 

I just need to find that they do this yarn in a peachy/russet/cream colorway, and I would be on cloud 7. Yes, OK, so I know it should be cloud 9, but that wouldn't have worked ... There are lots more pretty things to see over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. I haven't seen this colour of Zauberball. How lovely!

    I'm with you on the sand vs. pebble discussion.

  2. Oh weirdness. Photos only half loading, so can only comment on last two. Firstly, wool, I mean, YARN is looking most pretty. Secondly, how long does it take to walk to sea? Coupla weeks? Thirdly, is that arrow to show you which way to walk to get to the sea?

    Ali xxx

    1. 1) yes it is isn't it :-) (2) not at all long; it is my mad photography skillz maybe that make it look so far away LOL (3)it is the top of a groyne marker :-)

  3. Lovely :) We're a bit too far from the sea for it not to be a big outing :/

  4. Great colorway! That's a lot of pebbles.

  5. It looks so pretty. Reminds me of yoghurt? I know I'm odd


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