Friday, 21 June 2013

Tarot Blog Hop: Litha 2013

Old English Tarot

Litha/Summer Solstice Blog Hop 2013

So... let's celebrate the longest day of the year by sharing our abundance with each other in creative and playful ways! For example, you might choose a tarot card or a number of tarot cards to represent you and your talents. You might then follow that up with a recipe, a meditation, a poem, a tarot reading for Litha, book recommendations, or a piece of music, depending on what your talent is. Choose whatever you think best represents your talent and gift it to the circle of bloggers taking part in the hop, and to the readers following us.


You may have arrived here from Morgan‘s blog, or jumped backwards from Ania‘s blog. Knitting and crafting people – you are lost, lost, lost and without GPS to save you; but hey, the post isn’t long, don’t worry.

Prairie Tarot

I thought this might be an interesting topic to write about – after all, I am hardly a shrinking violet hiding my light under a bushel, am I ? I hope you note how cleverly I joined those two phrases together.
So anyway.
Housewives Tarot

 If I must toot my own trumpet, I shall just do it pianissimo at the moment as I merely remind you, Faithful Reader, that you already know me as a witty and erudite blogger, a skilled knitter, a semi-skilled crocheter, and an unskilled cooker.

Whimsical Tarot

I shall parp a little louder, just to make sure you hear of my talents as a tarot reader, and as a teacher. I do talk about tarot here now and then, but as it is such an integral part of my life, affecting how I think about things – a visual shorthand, almost – and because I have so many tarot friends, I tend to forget that not everybody has this structure underpinning their life.

In this spirit of revelation, I shall even be honest about why I read tarot: sure, I like to help out other people when I can, but actually it stems from pure nosiness. I do love to get all up in other people’s business, and am looking forward to buying net curtains in my old age, just so I can twitch them.

 I don’t have a very ‘New Age’ or psychological approach to readings – I firmly believe in giving practical, down-to-earth advice that people can go away and actually use, if they wish.

 Just a quick word about my hitherto unsung teaching abilities: I have been teaching tarot in TABI for some years now, and have been mentoring tarot readers for about the same length of time. I have actual real life qualifications in training, and I enjoy sharing knowledge; it also means that I get to know a large and varied number of people. If only I had a decent memory, just think what I could do with all the random information I have collected over the years. Perhaps I should write a book ….

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Hello Kitty Tarot

However, I think my most surprising gift is an ability to turn enemies, ie. people who can’t stand me, into friends (you all know who you are). Unfortunately, it has worked the other way a couple of times too. You’d think these occasional imperfections would prevent the growth of arrogance, wouldn’t you ? But you’d be wrong.

Just to show that I can sometimes be nice, I shall shoo you off to read my Eviller Twin Ania‘s blog rather than keeping you all to myself ….

And just for thoroughness, here is a link to the Masterlist at Sharon's blog.

Gaian Tarot


  1. You forgot to mention that you make rather splendid soap. Perfect for washing away one's sins :D

    1. Thank you ! I blimmin' did forget, as well LOL See previous post with Colonel Hathi :D

  2. I was just going to say that, Ania - THE SOAP!!!!!!! Where's the soap?! Your soap is beautiful and I have bought looooads of it. Get this post amended and get the soap in and get that trumpet tooting!!!

    Ali x

  3. Awww! You even included the Hello Kitty Tarot!! :)

  4. HELLO KITTY TAROT!!!!!!! You got me there!. Thanks for sharing your gifts...I never knew about your soap. Need to check that out.

  5. Love the photo collage. And I share your style of giving practical, actionable readings.

  6. O my gosh. I love the Hello kitty tarot, I have never seen it. Excellent post, I like to keep my readings down to earth, but they are only for myself :)
    Thanks for the interesting read!

  7. How fun this post was. I love your voice so yes, please, do write a book. I'd love to see your Tarot Mechanic book since you seem like the "stop whining here's a hammer fix it" type. :D

  8. Thanks for sharing. Nice to hear a little about you, and your talents.

  9. What a fun post! And, like several others before me, I can't believe you didn't mention the soap!! Natural, lovely foam, wonderful scents, inventive names - what's not to brag about ;)

  10. I wish that I could order your soap, but I live in the States. :(

  11. And I really poor at the moment. :( :(

  12. Well, blessed mentor one, nice collection of decks and witty word-smithing as well. Your practical style of Tarot reading is doing me no end of good for becoming a pro, so, many thanks! I know I couldn't get as far with just the psycho-spiritual version for everything. Happy summertime!

  13. The soap, the knitting - that fabulous shawl you made for Ali.... and I love reading your posts. They never fail to raise a smile!

  14. Yes... I've had some of your gorgeous soap so I'd like to know what happened to spouting about that too! :D Having seen many of your yarn projects I think you're a fantastic knitter! I never seem to have enough patience to make a shawl... maybe one day :)

  15. Some fine tootin' and amazing skills there! Wonderful, funny post :D


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