Friday, 30 August 2013

FO Friday 152: Discounts and Done

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Last year I booked Destructo Boy's birthday party at a football centre because a friend had pointed me in the direction of a discount website, which meant we got a 50% discount on the cost.

More recently, I am discovering just why couponing is both popular and addictive - we paid 25% of the going rate for 2 games of bowling because of a discount voucher I had, and for the cinema I had a 20% discount, one free adult ticket and a voucher for free popcorn, so we have seen Despicable Me 2 (not as good as the first film, I am sorry to say). I had a voucher for 25% off in the store where I bought Destructo Boy's uniform, and a £10 off voucher for the the store where I bought some of Mini Diva's uniform. I have had lots of discount vouchers for my weekly online grocery shop this summer, and lots of discount vouchers for petrol. And I still have a £5 voucher for Morrisons, which I am saving for a blue day when I really need their Secret Surprise Centre Lemon Muffins to heal my soul.

This is kind of new to me, as couponing has not been big in the UK - so I am keeping my eyes peeled for more exciting discounts and deals, although I would like to reassure you that I am some way off yet from dumpster diving in a frantic hunt for coupons.

And in the same vein, ie. success that makes me happy, I completed all my self-imposed crafting tasks for August: 1 baby cardigan, Mini Diva's school cardigan,1 baby hat, 1 patchwork cot quilt, and Destructo Boy's school cardigan:

I think I should have made it a size bigger, but hey, I can squeeze him tightly to make him smaller ....

All this also means that when a forlorn and neglected DH asked me if I'd started his old man cardigan yet, I could truthfully say 'yes'. I'm on a roll .....

See who else is rolled up over at Tami's Amis .....


  1. I'm all for discounts and keep my eyes open for such things. Worth subscribing to voucher sites to get informed of the latest deals. The best one, I find is getting Nectar points on my Sainsbury shop. It has to be done (sadly, the children do need feeding) so I may as well get something back. I currently have £135, despite blowing a load of points taking the kids to the cinema for free and am contemplating putting it towards a new fridge freezer (both ours are somewhat knackered)

  2. Gorgeous sweater. Have you washed it yet? Sometimes they grow a bit there.

    We're not just into couponing over here in the colonies, but also we're all about air miles, points and rewards on our credit cards and loyalty cards. Just the other day I did a $200 shopping spree at the drugstore all on loyalty points. As my husband remarked surveying all the toothpaste and dental rinse, "Our breath will be minty fresh until we draw our last"!

  3. wow that's a lovely cardigan, really lovely colour and the detailing is perfect. Have a creative weekend x

  4. I clip coupons, but then never buy the stuff I have them for. Or forget until they go out of date! Love the cardi. Very classic.

  5. Awesome cardigan!

    Here's my FO:

  6. Amazing Cardigan. I love the color and the cables. I second the suggestion of washing to see if it will grow.


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