Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WIP Wednesday 157: Old Time Spree

Spiral Tarot

Blogger is being seriously glitchy today, so let's see how far I can get before I lose patience and stomp off .....
 At the weekend, Mini Diva dragged me to some kind of wildlife exhibition thing which was being held in a kind of community shop - a concept I haven't seen here before, where several crafters/upcyclers have a section of space to display their wares for sale, the person at the till takes the money, notes down the relevant seller, and gives them the money for the sale at a later date. Kind of interesting, and a good way to cut costs, a more inexpensive way to achieve a 'shop window' for one's crafts. This shop is right by the regenerated area of the docks, but on the wrong side ie.the busy main road without parking, not where all the new trendy bars and restaurants are. I wish them the very best - Winter is Coming.

Anyway. While I was there and checking out the two soap sellers, and the prices on the fashion yarn scarves, I literally stumbled over a basket full of ...... vintage and retro knitting and crochet patterns ! 

I know, right ? Karma does not often reward selfless maternal devotion almost instantly - so of course, it behoved me to plomp down on my butt on the carpet and spend a good half an hour going through the leaflets while Mini Diva drifted around giggling at the vintage clothes. I know you will be as amazed as my DH that I only came home with 5 leaflets, for which I had paid the princely total sum of £1.00/$1.55. Even I didn't realize how thrifty I could be. Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a temporary aberration.

Let me show you my goodies:


Two patterns for a bedjacket, indispensable for your frail and fragile modern woman.

Unfortunately, no pipe; but we do have the square chin, white teeth, shawl collar and pockets required by a Man Cardigan.

 These super-cute baby cardigans. Shame that I didn't notice they are for skinny 4ply yarn until just now.

Mini Diva just laughed at me for this one; as she said, it's crochet so tiny she doesn't think I'll ever make anything because my eyes are rubbish.

And just to show I am not totally lost in the mists of time, I did start a new project this week:

So far there has been much resigned sighing, rather than the usual naval swearing. I may be mellowing ......

Go see proper things over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. great patterns to add to the collection

  2. Well done you! I'm surprised that you didn't just buy them all and then decide to thin them out later!

    Ali x

  3. Nice thrifting, great cardi! I hardly ever find vintage patterns any more. Used to find quite a few baby books (though not much for children), a fair number for ladies, and the men's have always been rare. Thanks for the comment on the dressectomy. It wasn't too bad, except I'd forgotten how splitty that yarn could be.

  4. Fab stuff! I love a good bargain :D

  5. Loving the vintage patterns! My nanny has loads of vintage patterns (she just call them patterns!) and I love looking through them!

  6. My grandmother gave me a stack of patterns (which are vintage for me!) just before Christmas last winter. Ice made a couple from the baby book. It's really nice that fashion is tending back to these styles, although in my opinion they are timeless looks. Good finds!


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