Friday, 7 February 2014

FO Friday 171: Failure

Durer Tarot

Well, I'm here to confess and admit to a bit of an aberration - a startling lack of perfectionism. You'll remember I was doing another test knit for Emily Ross, a stockinette version of her popular Haruni shawl.

I can hear you wondering how I could make a mess of something that is stockinette. But wait !

It wasn't the stockinette that defeated me.

It wasn't the tulip/leaf-shaped lace border.

It wasn't the somewhat finicky pinning and blocking.
It wasn't even the 312 (yes, I counted) size 6/0 beads placed individually with a 0.6mm steel crochet hook.

It was the loopy edging:

I didn't find the chart for it simple, and the written  instructions did not mention the difference in the number of chains per section that make up the loops. Having looked at other people's finished shawls, I could see what the chart meant, but by then it was too late for me - I did not contemplate for longer than a millisecond the idea of unpinning the blocked shawl and undoing the edging with it's 116 beads (yes, I counted) and howevermany stitches, and then having to re-block it.

I think if I had made the original Haruni, or even looked at it, I would have had a far better understanding of this border - but then, that's the point of a test knit: to find the things that people trip over and fix them so that even a fool like me can make it.

On the plus side, the yarn - Regia Hand-dyed Effect in 'Amethyst' (purple shades) - was nice and soft, and the shawl still turned out really pretty. And I've learned that the agony sting of imperfection fades a little if you give it time.

Pop over to Tami's Amis for pretty pictures without any self-pity ....



  1. Something less than perfect?! Unbelievable!! It's really beautiful - well done you!

  2. Looks lovely. I have loads of mistakes in my shawls but I work on the basis that the more complex the pattern, the less likely anyone is to notice :D

  3. I can't even see what is wrong about the loop border. It is lovely!

  4. It is gorgeous! I see nothing wrong.

  5. To my untutored eye, it really is both beautiful and amazing. How do you get the colours to match and meet, and the gaps in the right place, and then loops as well?!? I'm sure it's science and practice, but it leaves me gobsmacked :)

  6. You are silent. I am worried.
    My very best good wishes you are able soon to write more. Know for many it has been a time of bad weather and illness. You are appreciated and missed.

  7. Missing you.
    Hope all is ok or will be soon


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