Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WIP Wednesday 180: Circles

Paulina Tarot

Well, the test knit is blocking, and looks pretty in spite of where it went wrong. I am not one to sit idle, as you know. At least when it comes to knitting - housework is a whole 'nother story. But as I say, February is a heavy-duty month for birthdays - I have one gift made, and have just started another, in a beautiful rich shade of Stylecraft Special DK called 'Emperor':

Yes, that is a Magic Loop, and my 'spensive KnitPro Symfonie fixed circulars. I luffs them. They are wood,  they feel good, they are pretty, and the cable is nice and flexible. I do worry though that maybe some of the patterns I do which may involve things like P3tbl (purl 3 through the back of the loop)  may end up either dulling or ruining the points.

And here is more knitting-in-a-circle, but it is too large to count as Magic Loop, it is just a plain old circle, the beginning of a summer top, Fluidity, for Mini Diva, using Wendy Happy 4ply in 'Prussian Blue' that I had frogged from a previous project that I lost enthusiasm for:

I have way more things to share with you, but I'm hanging on to those for a little while to make you come back. Meanwhile, go check out all the projects at Tami's Amis ....


  1. You are too productive. I feel like a slob. *takes back gin bottle and retires to bed*
    Luffly stuff as ever!


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