Friday, 31 January 2014

FO Friday 170: Rodents Galore

Spiral Tarot

I underestimated the number of size 6/0 miyuki beads in an 11g. tube, so while I wait, panting and twitching, for the arrival of the postman, let's look at another prior FO, a far more attractive picture, I guarantee. 

You'll remember that before Xmas I made a really cute and quirky tea cosy for my allocated Secret Santa SIL. Well, that was so popular, I have received a few requests from other people who feel that their lives are not complete without twinkly rodents - and first to shower filthy lucre in my direction was my friend Michelle, which resulted in this:

  As you can see, I kept the previous modifications of sparkly beady eyes and glossy stiff whiskers; I used some grey yarn for the mice as well as various tones of brown, changed the ribbon, and embroidered 'OATS' on the side in chain stitch, for that realistic sack look.     Mice eat oats, don't they ?

I liked it, but most importantly, Michelle said she loved it.

Much as I wish I could put it off, I cannot find any more excuses not to vacuum the floor while I wait for the postman to ring twice - I can't even find the dog, he is so well-camouflaged amongst the dust bunnies. As you know, he is my lil chihuahua, so rather than cuties like this:

My dust bunnies look are far more like this:

Wish me luck, and escape while you still can, to Tami's Amis where you can see some beautiful projects ....


  1. LOL Not even my dust bunnies are that enormous :) Mind you, having a dog has always made me less slatternly when it comes to furry tumbleweed. I love that tea-cosy - must make one :D

  2. Wow, that tea cozy is insanely cute! And what a lot of work all those little mice must have been!

    Good luck with the vacuuming. We just got a Roomba Robot vac, so now the little machine vacuums while I knit. It's really the way to go :)

  3. They almost look real!! I have fur babies that actually have hair, not fur. So less shedding, but since their hair grows, it ends up being long hair dust bunnies after a while.

  4. I'm sure the mice would rather eat the oats than my brain, but I still want a hat like this.

  5. Mine are like that too. And I don't have a dog...

    Your mice are just wonderful x


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