Monday, 20 January 2014

Le Sigh

Victorian Romantic Tarot

This morning I incurred Destructo Boy's wrath by filling in a school permission form with the incorrect class - I labelled him a Turtle instead of an Octopus. It took me all of last year to get Giraffe (Savannah phase) fixed in my head, and then of course, a new academic year in a new Phase (Ocean) started with the new class name. At least I have progressed from just knowing it was something marine. Had it been something like, I don't know, mako shark or barracuda, maybe I would have remembered better.

Mini Diva is a ... umm ... well, she was a Leopard last year. I want to say she is a Panther this year, but I don't know if that's only because of her feral behavior. 

Anyway. All that fun aside, I'm just popping in to tell you I'm stomping chucking placing the Summer Garden Granny Square Blankey into a serious Time Out for a while.

I finally managed to wrestle the colors into something that was bright, but did not make Mini Diva run screaming from the room with her aesthetics irrevocably mutilated:

Yeah, yeah, rubbish photo, but I had to take it before the cat(s) jumped up and ruined the Plan, which I would definitely not be able to remember without this evidence.

Not content with such agonizingly achieved perfection, I decided to gild the lily by adding a widening and calming border around each strip of squares:


And of course, now I don't like it. 

I am going to have to un-join the blue from the pink, and the russets from the purple. This is after it took me 4 - yes, four - goes to get the blue strip right, as it demonstrated that I had no clue what 'alternating' meant, and had no ability to count up to 10 correctly either. Cuz, yanno, 9 is not 10. And neither is 11, funnily enough.

Plus, I spent all last week ruminating - yes, just like a cow except I can't lick my own nose - and I feel it was wasted, wasted, sadly wasted time. Today I have downloaded a cute frog amigurumi pattern, which I am going to incorporate into my MIL-inspired design. I wonder how long it will be before I start ranting about how I can't turn the picture in my head into any semblance of reality ?

Taking bets ....


  1. I like the new pattern and I like the calming strip too. Why not just sew the whole thing together with the calming strip? If you rip it back out, you are going to fall out of luff with this projekt.

  2. I'm with Ali on this one. Though that may be because my sleep-deprived soul cannot imagine having to rip back all that hard work without going into meltdown :o
    Looking forward to seeing the amigurumi :D Have you seen the Lenormand deck Pepi created from photos of the amigurumi she'd crocheted? As ever, I am in deep awe of you even trying such things :)


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