Friday, 10 January 2014

FO Friday 167: Old & New

Housewives Tarot

Wow, it's been a while - I hope you weren't too bored and lonely hanging round in all this peace and quiet ? But I'm back now, so let the chatter resume, after this quick summary:

My Christmas: quiet and good, thank you for asking. The kids were really super-spoiled, again. My tea cosy was well-appreciated. I ate too much - of course. No different than most people's Xmasses, really. Hence the brevity - without a kitchen disaster or a good family drama, it's hard to make it interesting.

Kids are back at school, Titch is back at work, Auntie Fashion is out of hospital, Uber Cool Brother is still Uber Cool, Belo is playing in his garden, I am working on a knitting commission.

In this new year, I already learned a new thing - I used a photo-montage thingy to make this:

That hat is mine, ALL MINE. What do you mean, orange is a challenging color ? It's cheerful and warm. And very importantly, it fits ! I luffs it and all I need now is some proper cold weather, like freezing snow or something, so that I can wear it without boiling my brain. Which had been previously fried by the cast-on for the hat.

And the Minion Hats were made for my youngest nephews - their Mum thought they were great, which was exactly the response required. I'm not in a great hurry to make any more, I found the pattern quite frustrating in that I kept going wrong, but couldn't find out where or why - hence the fudging.

And on top of that, I have a pattern percolating in the back of my mind - once more, my MIL has inspired me. So really, having brought you in from the cold to thaw, I abandon you almost immediately. Toast yourself in front of the fire while you browse through Tami's Amis to see what others are up to ....


  1. LOVE that you are back. Also so happy to see your new projects! Fills my heart with joy.

  2. Those hats are absolutely brilliant Vivianne. I'm glad you had a good Christmas.


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