Monday, 14 July 2014

Learning Experience

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Mini Diva's school production of 'Oliver!' is this week - and it being set in Victorian times meant I was suddenly cooler than ever amongst her friends, who are all aware that I knit shawls. Many shawls. Many shawls in many colors. Many shawls that could be borrowed to wear as part of the costume.

I thought I'd better whip up a quickie just in case there was a need for an extra shawl, and chose the Thimbleweed Shawl: being for 4ply/fingering yarn, a fast knit, not too complex but without being too boring. And I had 2 balls of Drops Alpaca in charcoal gray hanging round which I had no other plans for.

No, I have no idea why they were in my stash either, actually. It's not exactly like I'm a jay for color, and have nothing but ponycorn rainbows in my stash, but dull drab subtle colors like gray are definitely not my bag at all.

About halfway through, I decided the color and the pattern were both 'meh' without much to redeem them. But I plodded on, finished the shawl in a couple of days, then washed and blocked it. It did look better.

I left it on the back of the sofa prior to photographing it and giving it to Mini Diva.

Somehow, someway, somewhere, someone .... managed to swoop it up into a pile of dirty laundry.

Yes, one of the markers of a tragedy is the inevitability of the result. I know you know what that was, and here is the crime scene photo evidence:

No, I shan't be bothering to re-make the pattern. It might be a good thing and a lesson from the Universe that this was ruined ie. at least it was inexpensive yarn and a pattern I didn't care about, the lesson being not to waste one's time with things one doesn't feel enthusiastic about.


  1. Oh dear :( Still, you can probably make some felted alpacas or something out of it?

  2. Oh no!!! What a mess.... I hope you can make another shawl...


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