Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WIP Wednesday : Temper, Temper

Tarot of Durer

So there it is. I am so over shawls right now I can't even tell you. No, the Epic Fail was Monday, and today all I have to show you is a Tantrum:

That is WYS Signature 4ply in 'Bubblegum' - a nice bright color, quite springy, and not a skinny fingering weight yarn. Somewhere there are a couple hundred toning size 6/0 beads. Next to the yarn is the pattern - a beautiful shawl, 'Blue Dahlia', which, in spite of looking complicated, isn't, owing to the clearly charted instructions.

So why the temper and the crumpledness ? Because the publishers chose to print the charts so that they go across the middle of the book, with a break in the middle, rather than printing them landscape style so it would fit in one piece. In addition, the charts are not large. These 2 things combined to make what tennis buffs call a 'forced error' which I could not fix.

So I threw it across the room and ripped - ripped being the operative phrase - it all out, beads sproinging off to all corners.

I am SO over shawls right now.

So I started a cardigan. In beige. I have no idea why I chose this color, it's so nothingy.

Madaket, using Drops Lima. I still don't think this is quite unthinking enough of a knit for my requirements - I'll be spending time keeping company with Auntie Fashion in the hospice to which she has been moved, so I need to occupy my hands but not so much my brain or concentration. Perhaps some kind of crochet for my squillions of metres of yarn leftovers ....


  1. You can do it! Don't give up on such a gorgeous shawl!! Wow, could they have at least asked that model to smile, or not look so frowny? LOL On a serious note, prayers to you and family and Auntie Fashion.

  2. I don't crochet, but I just saw on Ravelry. It seems pretty. Maybe you could do that with scraps?

  3. Maybe you can soothe your soul with the pretty roses I posted for you?


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