Friday, 8 August 2014

FO Friday: Halcyon Blues

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It's been offly quiet round here - the kids are still at their Nanny's, Titch has gone back to work ..... so distract myself and simultaneously do something useful, I crocheted a couple of blankeys for St.John's Hospice, who cared for my sister in the last week or so of her life. The patterns are quick to make and straightforward, but there is a peacefulness in the repetition, a kind of mindless focus, if that makes any sense. Made from good quality acrylic (Stylecraft Special DK and Cygnet DK), they are lightweight but warm, and very easy to care for: machine washable and of course needing no tumble-drying or ironing.

The first Granny Rectangle blanket is approx. 44'' long and 38'' wide, just right to throw on a bed or to snuggle someone up in a chair:


    The second one is a Granny Waves blankey, at 40'' long and 24'' wide,  the sort of size Americans call a 'lapghan' - enough to go over someone's lap and legs whilst sitting, or perhaps to drape over their shoulders:

Really, I'm posting just to let you know I'm still around .... but am off now to open some tins of paint to redecorate the kids' bedrooms as a surprise for when they come back ....


  1. These are beautiful and what a lovely gesture, Viv :-)

    Hope the painting of the bedrooms goes off without incident!


  2. Seriously, I can NOT believe your speed Ribbit. Incredible.
    Hope it was suitably, peacefully distracting xxxx

  3. How wonderful for you to have a skill that will benefit others, and gives you a chance to give back to those who helped your sister. A lovely tribute to her life. I love the wave pattern.

  4. Those are both beautiful! (They're also my high school colors. Who in their right mind makes high school colors BLACK AND BLUE? We were the bruised school.) It's great you're able to give something so beautiful to the hospice.

  5. You must have wrists of steel to whack those off so fast.


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