Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WIP Wednesday: Floral Crochet Blankey

Gilded Tarot

Just so's you know - I'm still here. And just so's you know I'm still alive, here's the proof:

I found a really pretty pattern for a baby blanket - Floreal Dreams, and it includes instructions for upsizing - always great when I don't have to do the math. Of course, you know Mini Diva won't tolerate any shade of pink, so I've adjusted it for the teals she likes: Stylecraft Special DK in 1708 Petrol, Cygnet DK in 211 Aqua, and Stylecraft Special DK in 1034 Sherbet. And white.

I'm about halfway through right now, maybe, and when I've used up the yarns I have, that will be 11 balls. Eleven 100 gram balls with an average meterage of 290-ish metres. And it won't be finished - I'll have to buy more. But we won't tell Titch that.


  1. That is looking great so far! Nice color combo. :)

  2. Beautiful shades of blue and an attactive stitch.

  3. This is so pretty it makes me want to learn to crochet!

  4. Lovely colours :) DD grew out of pink and decided blue was now her favourite colour when she was about 7. Today she announced that, actually, she thought green might be her favourite. Good thing I do a nice line in
    Teal :D


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