Wednesday, 25 March 2015

SAL Wednesday 12/15: Repeating

Victorian Romantic Tarot

Well, you're going to ask me ''how are things going, show me the progress on that blimmin' cricket sweater'', aren't you ? After all, it is the only work in progress right now, any other stuff on any other needles is just gathering dust ... and you will think that like the person in the 4 of Swords there, I have done nothing but snooze since last we spoke.

Actually, that would have been nice. I do love my bed, my favorite piece of furniture, so comfy and snuggly and warm and spacious and ... what ? What digression ?

Oh OK. Here is a photo of the sleeves:

Yeah. I know. Looks pretty much the same as last week, doesn't it ? Even down to the running out of yarn thing.


I ordered, received and have used up 2 additional balls. Each ball had a different amount of yarn, as you can see from the bit that is unused. And what is left ... plus the 1 ball remaining ... will it be enough to complete the sleeve caps and the neckline ?

This time I shall gamble, I shall not order any more of this yarn until I have used up every single inch of what I currently have left.

Place your bets, please, while you pop over to Life & Yarn to see what else is going on ....


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