Wednesday, 1 April 2015

SAL Wednesday 13/15: At Last ...

Spiral Tarot

... something new on the needles ! But don't get too excited, it looks likely that it'll be on them for a while's #3 in my Big Six Project. Using delicious Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in the colorway 500 'Natural', I have started a shawl delightfully named 'Sirin Bird':

Can you see the beads glistening ? The pattern calls for 2688. Otherwise known technically as 'squillions'. Of size 8/0 beads, painstakingly applied individually with a 0.6mm crochet hook after the stitch has been worked.

Another new thing I am doing is using Destructo Boy's new tablet (why new ? the clue is in his name - it fell out of its protective case onto the sidewalk and the screen shattered) to store and knit from the pattern, seeing as how we bought him a 10.1'' one when we thought we were buying him a 7'' one. They lied like a dog when they said size doesn't matter, believe me: bigger is bestest.

But as it's week 1 of the Easter Holidays, I must escort Destructo Boy and Pal to rollerskating (I know no fear; or rather, the route to A&E is a well-trodden path) while you sip your coffee and calmly look through what other people are up to over at Life & Yarn ...


  1. Yes, I can see them!!!! woop woop!! Have fun with it!

  2. Look forward to seeing that finished :D


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