Friday, 7 August 2015

FO Friday 32/15: Cold Collation

Gaian Tarot

Yep, this is not only the weather right now, but my mood. All the baby things I made have reached the two respective Mamas-to-Be, so I can put all the photos together in one mehusive FO post before I run off to weed the patio. I know, the excitement never ends, right ?

There were 4 cardigans:

L to R, Top to Bottom: BHKC 6 Baby Cardigan in King Cole ZigZag 'Burgundy';
Sirdar Snuggly DK 3946 in Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots DK in 'Green' ; Sublime Little Bertie in random DKs from my basket; (Vintage) Robin 1139 4ply Baby Cardigan in Sirdar Country Style 4ply in 'Camel'.

And then there were two blankeys, both crocheted:

The top one is a pretty, light and lacy pattern called 'Sweet Dreams' - I love the final work, but it was completely off-gauge, whatever I did. Looking at other people's project notes, I wasn't the only one ... 

The second blankey is 'Ruffles & Stripes', which is altogether more substantial. Both patterns were from the 'Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans', a great pattern book that I've used a couple of times before.

Anyway. That post has taken me waaaay longer than I expected as I used a photo montage maker which kept crashing ... note to self: let's not overreach ourselves when time is at a premium ...



  1. these are gorgeous! You don't need a photo montage maker, just post the pix!

    Ali x

  2. They are beautiful, and my little one will grow to know where his two little cardis and very, very special blanket came from. I have just picked up your message regarding the ribbon, also! I shall have a look at where it should go in the above picture before snapping the pics over the weekend, but I'd never have known, it looks so beautiful as it is!! Oh, and by the way, it also smells divine (not that I am sitting here sniffing the blanket or anything... nope...)


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