Friday, 28 August 2015

FO Friday 35/15: Scrumptious Stripes

Sacred Isle Tarot

So you may remember my forlorn aspiration of making an afghan for Destructo Boy in a week and a half. Of course, I didn't manage it, as you know real life things and especially people are so blimmin' selfish, wanting your attention, time, company and things like food and clean clothes.

I couldn't even use the approx. 5 hour round trip to pick the kids up effectively, as the deathgrip I had on the armrests meant I couldn't use a crochet hook. It also means Titch won't be able to sell the car on as the upholstery has been permanently dented ... And then I ran short of yarn.

Anyway, according to my Rav notes, it took me 18 days, which I don't think is too bad, considering; it's about 65 inches wide and maybe 72 inches long ? I should have measured the length I guess. It was 60'' wide before I added the border, that bit I did check.

The colors pick up the wallpaper quite nicely, I think. And more to the point, Destructo Boy is chuffed with it, and even though he's always too hot to need it, he sleeps under it.

I used 3660m of aran-weight yarn (none of which were scraps for a pattern named Scrumptious Scraps Afghan) - but that includes the border, which I took from Leisure Arts  #4531 '50 More Crocheted Borders'.

Having completed this large project means that I am also almost back in the mood to knit another shawl for my longterm Big 6 project ... but I can't choose which to do ...



  1. Just put them all in file, close your eyes, and pick! I am at the point I have finished a shawl, have 1 still on the needles, have 2 sweaters I am dying to get on the needles, and now I am gripped with indecision and fear? So I think I am going to cast on another hat. Hats are so non committal, they don't judge you, or beg for your attention.

  2. Great color match for the paper, but the waviness of the stripes is a nice contrast as well. Congrats on weaving in all the ends, or are they hidden under the border?

    Howsabout maybe you make up your own shawl pattern?

    1. I weaved in *all* the ends - when I finished each color repeat, so's I wouldn't have a humungous chore at the end :) And nope, I don't have those kind of creative skillz :) xx

  3. How about this one?


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