Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Before and After #1

This is what we drove before the kids arrived:

A fabulous tank of a car, an automatic Toyota Supra Mk.3 3.0l turbo. This is what I learned to drive in, and L plates look cool on this, I promise. Ours was called Scarlett, after the character from 'Gone With the Wind'. I cried when we traded her in.

This is what we traded her in for, when we knew Destructo Boy was on the way:

Val the Valkyrie, an automatic Volvo 940 estate. It was in this car that I backed into the invisible parked blue transit van.

And now we drive one of these, which has just passed her MOT after a new ABS thingy that was fortunes to replace:

Ingrid, an automatic Volvo 850 estate.

Volvos are lovely: reliable, trustworthy, safe, surprisingly fast with even more surprising grunt-ability, practical, not expensive to run or maintain.

How are the mighty fallen.


  1. Statistically, Volvos are the cars most likely to batter into a motorcyclist. I have no idea why.

    We went from a smart black Toyota Celica called Jett to a white Subaru with gold wheels that looked as if it had been owned by a Japanese pimp. The Subaru is Tertarus's nod towards 'family' cars *sigh*


  2. I contend that Ingrid only LOOKS trustworthy and safe, but is really a sassy beast underneath.

  3. I drive a very practical Subaru Outback, it was my first new car purchase. At least you lived large in the past! ;)


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