Friday, 18 March 2011

Comic Relief 2011

I am emerging from the pit to offer Twitter tarot readings ie. within 140 characters, for a £1 donation to TABI's Just Giving page - all you have to do is donate £1, say you're with me, and let me have your Twitter name so I can get hold of you .....

Alternatively, make a £5 donation, mention my name, and leave a comment & contact details here for a 3 card tarot reading ....


  1. Well done you! We've raised over £177 so far - can we get it up to £200?!

    Ali x

  2. This is a fantastic and creative idea. Wish you well with it, and very glad to find Kismet's Companion.
    P.S. Can those of us in the colonies participate - we only speak $ here...


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