Thursday, 3 March 2011

KCBW2011 Trailer

So today I am going to try to entice you into the world of fibre frenzy - yarn stashes, skeins of yarn that Rumpelstiltskin would trade his first-born for, finished, unfinished and historical objects of admiration, respect, beauty and general OMG-ness, arcane skills, 10 thumb-ness, knitted items that live in the dark shame of the bottom of the wardrobe like a mad relative chained in the attic (not a Jane Eyre reference), and other weirdness. And granny-ness - but more of that later.

Firstly let's talk about the 2nd Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, which, as the observant - not to say awake - amongst you can see from the post banner and sidebar button, will be running from the 28th March to 3rd April.

It's organized by my friend Mimi, and details of how it all works can be found here on her blog; I prefer to look at the topics beforehand so I have a pencil-plan of what I'm going to write about, but I know that there are others who live life on the edge by only revealing the topic on the relevant day ....

And now about the granny-ness. I am not a granny (I was a step-granny at the age of 27, but that's a post for another time) and it amuses me that there is still some kind of perception abroad in the world that knitting is only for old ladies.

Sure, I have met plenty of old ladies that do indeed partake of this one of my obsessions pastimes, but many of my interwebz fibre pals are a good 5 10 OK dammit 15 to 20 years younger than me. I would hate to think that one's interests - or circle of interesting friends - would be restricted by assumptions and judgments based on age. You may not think you are interested by young - or old- people, fibre, knitting or crochet: but I am sure that if you click on maybe even just one or two of the links in my special KnitCroBlo blogroll (when it's up), you will find at least a couple of things that will amaze, amuse and interest you.

ETA: many apologies for the mixed-font oddness, I don't know why that happened ....


  1. *blows tooter and waves small flag* Yay for the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week!


    Ali x

  2. I'm so excited about knitcroblo week this year! I haven't decided yet if I want to peek and plan or live life on the edge ;-)


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