Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Fish

I have a sense of surreality that I can't shake. I had Radio 4 on last night (rare, as I bore easily of the mainly trivial concerns of chattering Guardian readers) but I wanted decent news updates of the so-called 'riots' in London.

I came downstairs this morning to find Destructo Boy watching Spongebob. After breakfast, we popped into town to the market for fruit, and to the butcher for bones (stops the dog from eating people) and all we could see was ordinary people going about their ordinary business in the sunshine.

Hence the surreal feeling, having heard the news, and seen the footage of people's livelihoods going up in smoke.

I'm a member of several forums (fora?) covering several different interests, and of course there are people from a multitude of backgrounds, nationalities, experiences and political hues. It's been interesting to read the views of the bleeding-heart pinkos, the Col. Blimp brigade, and the truly damned: the fence-sitters.

It all merely confirmed me in my depression and hopelessness. These robbing, destroying 'yoofs' (some directed by older teens and parents, would you believe) are the future of my country. Ineducable, unemployable, with no respect for anything or anyone.

picture from The Guardian. This is not a political protester/rioter. This is a criminal.

It doesn't matter what the cause is, what kind of 'social injustice' has encouraged them to believe that they have the right to pillage and burn - I don't believe that this can be changed. It's too late, for them. How would these thugs feel if it were their Grandma whose home was burning ? Their brother, or their sister, who was getting mugged ? When there are 8 year olds out looting, I'm wondering about the parents.

How did this happen ? I don't care. I don't care what excuses people come up with to try to explain. Because that's what it is, excuses. Even animals are smart enough not to defecate in or destroy their own den. These criminals have destroyed their communities for a new pair of Nikes and a flat screen TV.


  1. "Even animals are smart enough not to defecate in or destroy their own den." THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID TO MY HUSBAND! I said, animals fight for reproductive rights or territory (which brings food) but they don't go and attack their own nests/dens to do it. Nor do they attack their rival's "home".

    I have much love and faith in the human race, but sometimes we're dumb creatures. Weren't the Brixton riots of 1981 the same? I know I felt that the Parisian riots of a few years ago were also really uncalled for.

    Oh hell, any rioting is dumb even if it is about a cause I love. I don't think I'm so passionate about an ideology that would make me want to steal or hurt other people. And that includes yarn!

  2. ((hugs)) I wish I knew what to say. I completely understand the feeling of depression and hopelessness. ((((more hugs)))

  3. "These criminals have destroyed their communities for a new pair of Nikes and a flat screen TV."

    And done so with the certain knowlege that the government they are "protesting" will pick up the bills for the rebuilding. It would be considered "unjust" to force the thugs who've been caught to reuild every stick and stone, and to work to replace every bit of goods, but it's what I'd do. However, I fear there's at least a dozen on the loose for every one arrrested, and they'd never learn the lesson.

    I know that part of dread you feel is for the world your children will face, but I will never let this kind of thing make me hopeless, as long as I know folks like you are raising kids, with love and nurturing, teaching responsibility and ethical behavior. This is what I see shaping the future, and it fills me with hope.

    After all the rioting is done, the looters will be shown to be the minority, the damage they do can and will be repaired, kind folks and brave souls will be the new focus, and the millions of kids who aren't on the news will carry on with a valuable lesson behind them.

    The others will have a pair of worn our shoes.

    Viva Vivianne, shaper of the bright future, and part of the the Real Magic of England!

  4. You see, I am a bleeding-heart pinko radio-4 listening chattering Guardian reader and even I agree. It's not a political protest, it's horrible. And my Grandma had a saying for destroying your own turf which I won't repeat and lower the tone on your blog. Chin up duck.

  5. Looting is never okay, destroying another's property is never okay, hurting another person is never okay.....I hope London can heal quickly..

  6. I know, Vivianne. I know. I really don't care why they did it. I guess, maybe, it's because they lack empathy or something. But I don't care. They just need to stop.

  7. Why hasn't some state of emergency been declared and the police armed? No one wants anyone to be shot, but the CHEEK and utter lack of fear of these people for the law is ridiculous. A few of them shot will soon send them scurrying back to their holes.

    lots of love

    Adolf ;-)


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