Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Speed Demon

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny - an excellent omen. Having taken an amazingly long while to realize and then get over the panic engendered when DH said he'd left his driving licence at work (which shows severe lack on my part of being awake and/or thinking coherently as he is anal OCD very attentive about this kind of detail), we dropped Sebastian with Wendy, the lovely lady who does doggy daycare, and then the kids with my friend Karen.

After a peaceful and uneventful smooth drive, we found ourselves just outside our destination by noon; being a bit early, we stopped to stretch our legs, and for a restorative gin (mine), at one of the prettiest pubs I've seen:

The Greyhound at Burton-on-the-Wolds had lovely decor, individual planting that shows that management has a personal interest in gardening, was clean, and the welcoming, smiling service reminded me about the friendly temperament of Leicestershire; no wonder it's award-winning, me duck.

Then on to Prestwold Hall for DH's driving day (his 40th birthday present). Very well-organized, professional and smooth, the day ran without a hitch. Here's a photo I took of DH in the Audi R8, which he forgot to look what speed he achieved:

And here is one of him in the Aston Martin, in which he noticed at some point that he was doing 158mph:

Yep, that's how fast he was at driving, and how slow I am to take a photo. Here are the brilliant photos taken by the venue:

Today he is back at work in his 440bhp new, latest model Mercedes .... slightly more bhp than the Audi, but not as much as the Aston Martin ...


  1. Ah, boys and their toys lol. Still, looks like a great day out :)

  2. Lovely shots, adore the pub, I would like my house to look that quaint and welcoming!

    Thank you for sharing.


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