Monday, 10 October 2011

Destructo Boy Celebration

Destructo Boy is 6 years old today ! I have no baby photos of him - they''re all digital and trapped in an old hard-drive, so I think the next oldest is this one when he was about 2; he had gotten out of bed, tootled along the corridor, and plonked himself down for more sleep on top of his Dog:

He's still just as cute now. He has opened a mountain of presents, to play with when he gets home from school.


  1. Such a cuuuuuuute photo of him all curled up and sleeping....I could just eat him......*small boy nostalgia*

    Ali x

    PS - that's eat him in a fellow-mummy-of-a-small-boy way. Not in a Sawny Bean way.

  2. Ah, that pic is adorable! What is it about being asleep that so often shows people in their best light? Happy Belated Birthday, Destructo :)


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