Monday, 17 September 2012

Ambition: Chapter 1

Eklektikos Tarot

This lovely card from the Eklektikos Tarot accurately depicts the start of a joint project that Mini Diva and I are challenging ourselves with, every Monday while Destructo Boy is at Beavers. 

I had been keeping an eye out for something that we could do together, in Girlie Time, that would not stretch our tempers or patience too badly, something new-ish to both of us, that would be interesting and productive: and I came up with the idea which has become the project we are embarking on today.

I am so excited and am really looking forward to it; I just hope we will have the perseverance and commitment that will be necessary to carry it through to completion.

The idea is to take this:

Which contains these color-sorted yarn leftovers and remnants:

And then to use these:

And this:

And then we will not only learn to crochet, but make two single bedspreads, by making a square each a week. Very ambitious, I think: but hey, one might as well aim at the stars and see where we end up ...

... which is hopefully not the insane asylum.


  1. Cool! DH was talking about making a quilt but I think she had her eye on a sewn one which is probably a bit to complex for her ATM (I'd just end up doing it and I'm rally not that interested in quilting)

  2. That's a wonderful idea - the squares are small enough not to make a small person bored! Wishing you tons of luck with it and looking forward to seeing the completed quilts!


  3. I'm sure you'll know *everything* about "French Knitting"(?) - Cotton reels(???), Panel Pins(???) Such were ODD things, I shared with my late mother... SADLY, all to few, in retrospect. Maybe "Destructo Boy" (LOL) could add "trimmings" to the project? :P


  4. Ah, so that's why you were asking me about difficulty levels on the blocks I've been making and receiving!!! I think this is a great project for both of you - definitely stick to a traditional granny square at the beginning. When you both start getting a little bored, then branch out to the more adventurous blocks in that Leisure Arts book.

    For good color (as well as other) ideas, check out Granny Square Love by Sarah London. There's a good visual tutorial in the beginning of the book on how to make the traditional granny square.

    Can't wait to see how all this works out!

    1. Yes, it is :) We are having patience & gauge issues ...Will see if my library has that book - thanks for the recommendation :-)

  5. Looks like a lovely project :) Can't wait to see/hear how it goes!


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