Monday, 24 September 2012

Ambition: Chapter 2

Whimsical Tarot

So Monday seems to have rolled around rather quickly. Maybe too quickly. But you can see below that I have been super-productive during that past week, even if Auntie Fashion's blankey has been languishing in a corner, unloved and in desperate need of more yarn.

In line with last Monday's new project post, we did indeed start as planned. I have continued on, as my frustration threshold is, naturally, higher than Mini Diva's - she expects to be able to accomplish a new skill perfectly within minutes; I allow myself a few hours ...

All the granny squares in the ''200 Crochet Blocks'' book by Jan Eaton are made with a 4mm hook and DK yarn, and measure 6 inches square. Mine, also made with a 4mm hook and DK yarn, have varied from 7 inches to well over 9. What we have here is a failure to communicate I mean, achieve gauge: important if you need all squares to be the same size so they won't look too crazy when joined together: you can only count on the borders to correct so much wonkiness, not all of it. More's the pity.

I have down-sized to a 3.5mm hook, and I think the firmer fabric - as well as being closer to the size needed - actually looks as well as feels better: frankly, loose and floppy aren't really qualities I seek out in any area of my life.

All these squares have been rated in the book with 1 hook, meaning they are suitable for beginners. And my friend Denise has recommended me ''Granny Square Love'' by Sarah London, which I got from my library, and have started the relatively simple and unambitious project of a cushion cover: 

This project is also confirming for me that I hate I have terrible trouble big issues I find it challenging to be random: I like order, I like patterns, I like a certain predictability and structure. I like a - dare I use that most filthy of four-letter words ? - Plan.

So the whole 'use-up-the-tons-of-yarn-leftovers' idea might not be much of a goer. Just sayin'.

And then - as if the Universe and Mags knew that today was wet, cold and grey - the postman delivered this:

Beautiful jewelled blue Wollemeise, all the way from Holland. DH, knowing this was in transit to me, was hoping a few Stroopwafels might have fallen into the package (yes, Mags was his original wafel Pusher); but he will have to try this delicacy instead:


I shall tell him it's dog treats.

What do you mean ?

Of course, after he's eaten them. Need you really have asked ?


  1. Ah crochet - love it or hate it :) Must look out the book though. Woolemeise all i can say is enjoy!

  2. I can't see the images on this computer *sigh* Am envisaging beautiful wee squares in delightful colours....

    It will be magnificent when completed and then you and DD will fight about whose bed it should decorate :-)

    Ali x

  3. Is Mini Diva as much of a planner as you? Maybe you could hand her a selection and have her pick, thus encouraging more randomness.

    Now I'm coveting Wollemeise again. So pretty.

  4. Well, while it might seem unambitious, I think you tackling a project without a "proper plan" is quite ambitious! I also notice the almost-perfect tension you have in the beginning of that granny square cushion cover, as opposed to the Jan Eaton blocks. Sometimes beginner ain't so beginner, you know? I applaud your willingness to learn to crochet. It will come in handy. :)

    Your lovely blue Wollemeise reminds me I have some lovely variegated green Wollemeise that is patiently waiting its turn. So many projects, so little time.

  5. Wow, you're first crochet project, and already such variety! Colour me extremely impressed. All that knitting-pattern-following must have given you a lot of understanding of patterns and yarns, as my crochet is at the same kind of level as my knitting (ie. I doubt I could have managed even the simplest of those squares). Good on you :)

    As for the Wollemeise, it looks stunning!


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