Friday, 9 January 2015

FO Friday 2/15: TLDR

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

I'm feeling a bit like the chap in the card today - droopy and tired. Destructo Boy has kindly shared his bugs and now I have a heavy head cold along with a cough that makes my chest burn. I had caught a cold from Mini Diva towards the end of last term, too, the first in absolute ages. So if I've had one from each of them that should be me done, right ?

But before I retreat to my boudoir to sniffle, hack and use up all the tissues, I'll just tell you about a hot water bottle cosy I made as a Christmas gift for my eldest niece.

She has dodgy heating and feels the cold, and I knew she uses hot water bottles; plus I had some yarn in my stash that her Mum (my sister) had given me that was just the sort of jewel tones that she likes; it had no label, but I'm fairly confident that it was James C.Brett Marble Chunky:

That was it before my kind MIL unravelled and reballed it for me. Now it looks like this:

I used 5.5mm needles, seed stitch for the edges, a cable stitch pattern I found somewhere, and Bob's your Uncle. 

No, I totally didn't even write down how many stitches I cast on, let alone put it into a pattern form that others could use. Did I weigh the yarn before I started so I would know how much I used ?  No, of course not. Whaddya think I am, organized or something ? I don't know, as I get older even the most obvious basics seem to be beyond me, though I can just about manage a witty blogpost title linked to yarn color. Go figure.

Anyway, I wished I had made one for myself, as it's just what I need right now, along with a good dose of Lemsip. Pop over to ChrisKnits for far more enthusiasm and way less whinging ....


  1. Looks beautiful! You should do hot water bottle covers as well as tea-cosies :) I adore those petrolly colours too!

  2. Beautiful hot water cover! Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried neti pots? Sound weird, but they work wonders!

  3. Makes me want to use a water bottle! But it would be too hot in 15 seconds with this 54 year old female body!

  4. Very pretty cosy! Pity about the cold.


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