Wednesday, 28 January 2015

StitchAlong Wednesday 4:Hobbled

Tarot of the Cat People

I feel like I haven't much to report today - I have been distracted by Real Life and Leaving the House type things like indoor cricket training for Mini Diva  .... only an hour, which I spend chatting; but it's 30 mins to walk there, and another 30 mins to walk back, so that's 2 hours out of my day ....

But I have re-started the Tru Wuv Shawl that I ended up cutting apart, this time using the lovely smooth and slinky Drops Lace in 0100 'off-white', together with size 8/0 silver-lined glass beads:

I don't want to jinx myself, but so far no errors have been made. 

There has been no further progress in the Lily Go Lightning Thief MKAL as there was no clue last week - but one is due tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I have started a tea cosy, and am writing the pattern down as I go - so watch this space.

There is just too much to be done and too few hours in which to do it ... so I am legging it, leaving you to browse other yummy things over at Life&Yarn ....


  1. Silver-lined glass beads - that sounds terribly smart! Looking good!!

  2. That Tru Wuv is going to be gorgeous...fingers crossed for you...

  3. The shawl looks beautiful, and I like the rich purple you are using for the tea cozy!

  4. All I've managed since getting to the end of the last MKAL clue is a few more rows of Esme's sleeves. Now that bead labelling is something I need to do. I have them all catalogued but most aren't labelled.

  5. Shawl with beads, that's going to be so pretty!

  6. A 30 minute walk? No way. Not gonna do it. Just You Tube Cricket instructions. LOL. Lovely all. I am just trying to stop from casting on all the things I want to do right now.

  7. Well, the benefit of the walking is great exercise and sunshine! Good luck with try #2 on the lace!


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