Monday, 12 January 2015

MKAL Monday: First Lily Go

AnnaK. Tarot

So it's another grey Monday, very blustery and somewhat mild - but heavy rain is forecast just in time for the school pick-up, and will remain right through walking to Cubs. Yaay.

Instead of being miserable, let's focus on something new and interesting and mysterious instead - the Lily Go 'The Lightning Thief' MKAL, for which the first clue was released last Thursday - I had already posted about being ready here. You'll be happy to know that with age I am sometimes maybe getting a bit more cautious, which means that this morning I ordered some more of the size 6/0 silver-lined crystal beads, just to make completely sure that I shan't run out. I also ordered some more size 6/0 ivory Ceylon beads, which I definitely would run out of on another current project ....

Seeing the quantities of beads required by the pattern is all well and good, but when you begin to see them actually on the knitting, and you only have 28 rows so far , it brings home how many there actually are .... a bazillion. Or so.

I like to start shawls on straight needles because I find it easier, but I'll be switching to circulars soon, not only because of the amount of stitches, but also because it's easier to see the flow of the pattern.

If you're participating in a MKAL, pop the link in the comment section below ...



  1. It's already gorgeous! Can't wait to see progress.

  2. So pretty! I've only done one project with beads, and that was several years ago. Your projects always look so pretty that it tempts me to do another.

  3. I started mine at the end of last week and am stuck into Clue 2 now. Love it, though the beading is a tad tortuous at times.


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