Tuesday 14 February 2017

For my Valentine

Tarot Art Nouveau

So Valentine's Day rolled around again - I was a little surprised by how many men I saw dashing last minute for bunches of flowers, as if it had caught them by surprise. Perhaps they feared sharing St.Valentine's fate ...

For my Valentine Titch, I share an aria from my favorite composer of operas:

                                               Caro nome che il mio cor
                                               festi primo palpitar,
                                               le delizie dell'amor
                                               mi dêi sempre rammentar!
                                               Col pensiero il mio desir
                                               a te sempre volerà,
                                               e fin l' ultimo mio sospir,
                                               caro nome, tuo sarà.

                                       Sweet name, you who made my heart
                                       throb for the first time,
                                       you must always remind me
                                       of the pleasures of love!
                                       My desire will fly to you
                                       on the wings of thought
                                       and my last breath
                                       will be yours, my beloved.
                                          Translation by Guia K. Monti