Friday 26 October 2018

In for a Penny ....

Halloween Tarot

.... in for a pound. Having already crashed one car within 3 months of passing my test, I am obviously not a quitter, since on the spur of the moment I decided it would be a great idea to drive about 300 miles, to Wales (the other side of the country from me) to visit with Uber Cool Brother for a week this summer.

I took Belo and Destructo Boy with me, numerous instructions from Titch, and of course, Google maps with the voice turned on. This meant a lovely road trip on a gorgeous sunny day (we have had The Best Weather Ever this summer) down some road near Milton Keynes with a million roundabouts, and a speedy zip down the M4, over the bridge to somewhere near Swansea.

I had the foresight to stay with UCB's hospitable and livewire girlfriend, who has all mod cons like a kitchen, bathroom, running water, and not living on a building site; the boys preferred to tough it out camping-style. We did some Culture (or rubble, as Destructo Boy refers to these kinds of places):

The people in the office were very friendly, and allowed us into the Chapel, built by Lady Aline - married politically at age 7, with the inevitable tragic aftermath. There was supposed to be some kind of event that day, but they didn't even finish setting up because the weather was awful - cold, damp, gloomy:

view of The Mumbles from Oystermouth Castle

You'll be glad to know that summer also reached Wales on occasion, and while we were there, too !

Oxwich Bay

The beaches in the west are full of sand, not pebbles and stones like our local beaches, something Destructo Boy appreciated - if not the huge distance between shore and waves.

But enough with the tourist/travel guide, and more of the LYS guide. Literally a 5 minute walk from Livewire Girlfriend's house was a small industrial estate, with a LYS nestled amongst manufacturing businesses and a gym:

Gower Yarns

Perhaps not the prettiest frontage you've seen, but the inside was a knitter's Aladdin's cave:

1 section of the downstairs

1 section of the upstairs - more yarn, and fabric !
I was made to feel very welcome, with excellent customer service - my coat taken, I was offered a cup of tea or coffee, and allowed to browse to my heart's content, eventually leaving with a pin cushion (I'd been looking for the 'right' one to replace the old, soggy one for ages):

Well, yes, of course I bought yarn too ! It would have been rude not to, let alone of course I needed a souvenir of the trip, right ?

Two lots of Sirdar Ophelia, which I didn't need at all, but for which I have Plans.

I had a restful, peaceful time while Destructo Boy mountain-biked and climbed waterfalls and other Outdoor Things with my brother; I was especially grateful and appreciative of Livewire Girlfriend's generosity and hospitality, which extended into cooking most of the delicious dinners - as you know, my least favorite domestic chore.

I definitely want to return, but dragging Titch and Mini Diva with me next time. And next time I will make a day trip out to Pembroke and Tenby,

Sunday 21 October 2018

Better Late ...

Halloween Tarot

.... than never. 

I've been offline as my PC finally bit the dust, replaced with a lovely new Lenovo desktop and Windows 10 instead of Vista. Yes, I know, I can't believe that either: the same PC and OS for over 10 years ! That's why I missed posting for our wedding anniversary - 16 years with never a cross word. 

Yes, a TOTAL lie. There's times where if we hadn't have had that piece of paper I would have been long gone, and my incomplete sets of crockery and glassware along with scarred walls are testament to our arguments: no real harm done, though, as it turns out, my aim is tragically affected by emotion. Marriage and kids are hard, y'all.

But mostly it's like today, when I come downstairs and see Titch as if I'd just met him - stunningly good-looking, smiling, magnetic, welcoming. And I'm glad we're still here.