Thursday 30 June 2016


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 I don't usually post anything political - but the recent earthquake that was the Brexit vote stunned and horrified me. I am trying to deal with the personal aspects of such destruction: one of the consequences is that I have been pondering the concept of forgiveness - there are people who I cared about, who have decimated my childrens' and my country's future.

Every time I think that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, that I can accept and move on, someone not only rubs salt in the wound but pokes it with a sharp and dirty stick by posting a flippant and/or snide and gloating meme or supercilious comment - and I am reminded exactly what was at stake, what has been lost: I am back to square 1. I am not ready. Those who keep the wounds fresh with their lack of understanding and compassion ensure I won't be ready for some while longer, as I also consider what kind of people they are that they can behave like this.

If I do eventually reach the point of being able to engage with these people, how I think and feel about them has been permanently altered.