Thursday 30 June 2016


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 I don't usually post anything political - but the recent earthquake that was the Brexit vote stunned and horrified me. I am trying to deal with the personal aspects of such destruction: one of the consequences is that I have been pondering the concept of forgiveness - there are people who I cared about, who have decimated my childrens' and my country's future.

Every time I think that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, that I can accept and move on, someone not only rubs salt in the wound but pokes it with a sharp and dirty stick by posting a flippant and/or snide and gloating meme or supercilious comment - and I am reminded exactly what was at stake, what has been lost: I am back to square 1. I am not ready. Those who keep the wounds fresh with their lack of understanding and compassion ensure I won't be ready for some while longer, as I also consider what kind of people they are that they can behave like this.

If I do eventually reach the point of being able to engage with these people, how I think and feel about them has been permanently altered.


  1. Yes, It's hard to get one's head and heart around last week's decision x

  2. It is amazing, yet somehow not surprising, how many people do not understand the importance of politics. People feel powerless, but are willing to squander one very great power they do have - the privilege of voting, and the responsibility of doing so thoughtfully. Not that the politicians always bother with honesty and clarity and transparent policies. But knowing that makes it all the more important to really study the issues. I don't mean people who come to the wrong (IMHO) conclusion, if they've arrived there thoughtfully and carefully. It's those who would never waste an hour watching Face The Nation, Meet The Press, Washington Week (sorry I don't know the UK equivalents) listening to both sides and winnowing out the few grains of precious truth. Instead they base their votes on late night comedy monologues and afternoon talk shows. They'll simply hand their vote to the pundit or talking head with the catchiest catchphrase, someone they've never met and who doesn't give a damn about them, and say "Here, you do the thinking for me. It's too hard." And once they've gotten just what they've earned (probably something none of us deserve), they'll complain about it loudly, scattering blame indiscriminately, but never seeing their own culpability. Your grief, hurt, anger and anxiety are all justified, and I can't do anything to alleviate any of it, except to say that I care, very deeply, for you and yours, and I have great faith in your strength of spirit and resolve. I hope the negative will burn away quickly.

  3. Oh Vivianne, these are indeed strange and interesting times. While the hate that seems to be bubbling to the surface in England and is simmering also on this side of the pond is ugly, I do not believe the story is at an end for England. I sincerely hope the U.S. is paying close attention to the UK referendum and viewing it as a cautionary tale. Forces and the political dufusses (dufii?) who want to instill fear and pit people against each other can be overcome and silenced, but it takes a strong will and a yeoman amount of patience. I'll take the late night pundits, because at least they make me laugh. And one or two of them have placed their respective fingers squarely on the pulse of what's wrong with nationalist and separatist arguments. I remain rooting for a united UK and an EU that is willing to truly internalize this earthquake and make changes. It will be a long road around and out of this, but you (and we, as a result) will get there.


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