Friday 28 September 2012

FO Friday 106: Tah - Dah !

Just a lil ole quick and snappy post for today, to let you know that I did it: completed my first crochet project. 

Below you can see photos not only of the vintage (we're too polite to say 'old and knackered') plastic garden chair, but the superb embellishment that is Destructo Boy's new cushion for his bed:


All I had to buy for this was the cushion pad and 5 buttons. It really was straightforward: a great beginner's project for sure. As will be my next one: which one do you think I should 
try ?

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Wednesday 26 September 2012

WIP Wednesday 112: Time Marches On

As the ransom note for Auntie Fashion's Blankey seems to have been ineffective, no more yarn has been forthcoming; thus it reposes in exactly the same state as you saw it last.

No problemo, as that has allowed me to obsess focus on crochet; mainly, the granny square cushion from ''Granny Square Love'' by Sarah London. As you will see from the pictures below, the front is complete, and I am quite far through the back too:

I find it an interesting aside that I have so far forgotten to list this as a project on my Ravelry page: is this because I am very much at the start of my crochet journey ? Is it because it isn't knitting therefore it isn't a real project ? Is it that a simple cushion isn't a worthy enough project ? Or maybe it's simply the advance of senility, as indicated by my use of these:

They maybe trendy, pink, and have sparkles on the sides. But they are still reading glasses.

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Monday 24 September 2012

Ambition: Chapter 2

Whimsical Tarot

So Monday seems to have rolled around rather quickly. Maybe too quickly. But you can see below that I have been super-productive during that past week, even if Auntie Fashion's blankey has been languishing in a corner, unloved and in desperate need of more yarn.

In line with last Monday's new project post, we did indeed start as planned. I have continued on, as my frustration threshold is, naturally, higher than Mini Diva's - she expects to be able to accomplish a new skill perfectly within minutes; I allow myself a few hours ...

All the granny squares in the ''200 Crochet Blocks'' book by Jan Eaton are made with a 4mm hook and DK yarn, and measure 6 inches square. Mine, also made with a 4mm hook and DK yarn, have varied from 7 inches to well over 9. What we have here is a failure to communicate I mean, achieve gauge: important if you need all squares to be the same size so they won't look too crazy when joined together: you can only count on the borders to correct so much wonkiness, not all of it. More's the pity.

I have down-sized to a 3.5mm hook, and I think the firmer fabric - as well as being closer to the size needed - actually looks as well as feels better: frankly, loose and floppy aren't really qualities I seek out in any area of my life.

All these squares have been rated in the book with 1 hook, meaning they are suitable for beginners. And my friend Denise has recommended me ''Granny Square Love'' by Sarah London, which I got from my library, and have started the relatively simple and unambitious project of a cushion cover: 

This project is also confirming for me that I hate I have terrible trouble big issues I find it challenging to be random: I like order, I like patterns, I like a certain predictability and structure. I like a - dare I use that most filthy of four-letter words ? - Plan.

So the whole 'use-up-the-tons-of-yarn-leftovers' idea might not be much of a goer. Just sayin'.

And then - as if the Universe and Mags knew that today was wet, cold and grey - the postman delivered this:

Beautiful jewelled blue Wollemeise, all the way from Holland. DH, knowing this was in transit to me, was hoping a few Stroopwafels might have fallen into the package (yes, Mags was his original wafel Pusher); but he will have to try this delicacy instead:


I shall tell him it's dog treats.

What do you mean ?

Of course, after he's eaten them. Need you really have asked ?

Wednesday 19 September 2012

WIP Wednesday 111: At Last

Fenestra Tarot

So here we are on another WIP Wednesday - and of course, I have one in the works; below are pics of the blanket for my sister Auntie Fashion, after 2 skeins-worth of James C.Brett's 'Moonlight Sonata'. I have sent her a ransom message, saying send cash for more yarn or the blankey gets it. 

I am assured the cash for at least one more skein (perhaps even two) is en route as we speak ...


And I guess by the law of averages, it would happen in the end. I actually scored some good stuff in one of my local charity shops, the St.Elizabeth Hospice clearance shop, no less:


It says, 7 x 25g. balls, and the price is £1.50 ($2.44). Upon reaching home and hastily ripping open the bag to see what I'd bought, it turned out to be 8 balls of Paris Sheen Mohair by Sunbeam, 25g/50m (70% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon) in a lovely shade of light silver; now discontinued.


So at last, Mr. Kitten, I did find something cool and good and a bargain ! My one find vs. your hundreds. Still, I mustn't repine. It is currently sitting with a scented drawer sachet to reduce/remove the musty old aroma it brought with it. 

With this find, I hope I have started a trend for myself .... But go along to Tami's Amis and see what other trends are happening today ....

Monday 17 September 2012

Ambition: Chapter 1

Eklektikos Tarot

This lovely card from the Eklektikos Tarot accurately depicts the start of a joint project that Mini Diva and I are challenging ourselves with, every Monday while Destructo Boy is at Beavers. 

I had been keeping an eye out for something that we could do together, in Girlie Time, that would not stretch our tempers or patience too badly, something new-ish to both of us, that would be interesting and productive: and I came up with the idea which has become the project we are embarking on today.

I am so excited and am really looking forward to it; I just hope we will have the perseverance and commitment that will be necessary to carry it through to completion.

The idea is to take this:

Which contains these color-sorted yarn leftovers and remnants:

And then to use these:

And this:

And then we will not only learn to crochet, but make two single bedspreads, by making a square each a week. Very ambitious, I think: but hey, one might as well aim at the stars and see where we end up ...

... which is hopefully not the insane asylum.

Friday 14 September 2012

FO Friday 104: He Shall Wear Midnight

Tarot of Leaves

For some reason, I missed posting last Friday, so I held onto this for today; along with today's card from the Tarot of Leaves looking autumnal, Destructo Boy's cabled sweater for school is also, of course, only worn because the season has turned. 

I shan't tell you that I even flicked the heating on for a little while this morning out of self-indulgence  pity for the children.

So here it is, Sirdar 1912 made from Stylecraft Special DK in 'Midnight', with stripes in white:

I profess, that the arms are not different lengths, it's just the wickedly sick way Destructo Boy is posing. By the way, he loves it. I hope that means this one won't be lost.

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Wednesday 12 September 2012

WIP Wednesday 110: Nameless

Crystal Vision Tarot

    So today I'm excited to share with you the progress on the Marine Blankey. 

    What's that ? 

    It needs a better name ? One more suited to the elegance and sheer style of the project ?

    Yes, you're right, as it goes: please to suggest one.

And this time I think my photos have managed to capture the sparkly bling that (along with the colorway) drew Auntie Fashion to this yarn as a jackdaw to a rhinestone:

That is the remainder of the second ball of James C.Brett 'Moonlight Sonata in 'SM7' that you see there. I'm pretty sure that at least one more will be necessary to achieve the minimum desired size.

While I deliberate on that, and am still chortling with unsuppressed glee at how I finally scored some Wollmeise (see how I sneaked the REALLY BIG NEWS in there ever so subtly without any fanfare or anything ?) from my lovely, generous, kind friend Mags (yes, I know, I AM blessed ! pics when it arrives, I promise) you could pop over to Tami's Amis to check out what everyone else is working on this week .....

Monday 10 September 2012

Silver Linings

Housewives Tarot

So I know how happy you'll be to hear that I managed to finish Destructo Boy's school sweater with only modest consumption of midnight oil - it's such an expensive price these days, one cannot afford to be profligate with such a labor-intensive commodity.

Lucky that I did, too, as I was then knocked sideways by severe stomach pain so bad it restricted my movement. According to the doctor, it was stomach acid; and he prescribed me Omeprazole which made me feel almost human again in a mere 4 days. I don't even know what is going on with that - it's connected to stress, apparently, of which I have exactly ... let me think .... none.

That meant that I was physically back on track for the weekend, so we could go to the beach on such a lovely hot, sunny day: and I actually got in the water with Mini Diva the water baby, got wet, and swam. Well, doggy-paddled would be more accurate, but hey, my feet were off the bottom.

Destructo Boy living up to his name by falling off his scooter; won't happen again, though, as someone stole it out of the front garden.

Destructo Boy in the guise of Nobel Prize-winning rocket scientist.

And some pictures of the Noble Hound as he is so purty to look at:

And I accompanied DH to the hospital for his 2nd injection into his eye - but the check they did beforehand confirms that there has been an improvement in the condition of his retina; I guess you can imagine how happy I am about that !

So all in all, last week a bit of a mixed week ... Do come back on Friday to see pictures of Destructo Boy's school sweater - if he hasn't lost it in the meanwhile. If he has, look for him in the coal-hole.

Monday 3 September 2012

The Countdown Begins

Spiral Tarot

So Wednesday sees the start of the new academic year: Mini Diva in 5th grade, Destructo Boy in 2nd grade. New uniforms have been bought, new rucksacks, lunchboxes - you know the drill.

As with most things, though, there is always a last minute glitch: it was my mistake to assume that the new school shoes I bought for Mini Diva in the summer half-term would still fit now, a mere12 weeks or so later. Oh no. She has gone from a size 1 to a size 3, and argues that she should be able to wear my high heeled wedges into town.

As the kids are out today, tomorrow will see me downing a double dose of whatever anti-psychotic drugs I can lay my hands on, before taking Mini Diva shoe-shopping, a task I normally shuffle off onto DH, as he has far more patience and is much calmer than me at dealing with the vagaries of onlyjust-prepubescent mood swings.

Do you think maybe that downing the drugs with a good healthy shot or three of gin would perhaps quell the feelings of dread, fear and misery ?

No ? Tell me how you know .....

But anyway, I really have no time to chat with you, much as I know you enjoy it - the front and back of Destructo Boy's sweater are complete, along with half of one sleeve; last night I had to go through my stash tubs twice, to find the ball of Stylecraft Special DK in 'Midnight' that I was absolutely positive I had, and without which I will not be able to complete said sweater in time.I have maybe two thirds of a ball. It may be enough, it may not. 

 Out of pity, do you want to reconsider your answer to the gin/drugs question now ?