Monday 10 September 2012

Silver Linings

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So I know how happy you'll be to hear that I managed to finish Destructo Boy's school sweater with only modest consumption of midnight oil - it's such an expensive price these days, one cannot afford to be profligate with such a labor-intensive commodity.

Lucky that I did, too, as I was then knocked sideways by severe stomach pain so bad it restricted my movement. According to the doctor, it was stomach acid; and he prescribed me Omeprazole which made me feel almost human again in a mere 4 days. I don't even know what is going on with that - it's connected to stress, apparently, of which I have exactly ... let me think .... none.

That meant that I was physically back on track for the weekend, so we could go to the beach on such a lovely hot, sunny day: and I actually got in the water with Mini Diva the water baby, got wet, and swam. Well, doggy-paddled would be more accurate, but hey, my feet were off the bottom.

Destructo Boy living up to his name by falling off his scooter; won't happen again, though, as someone stole it out of the front garden.

Destructo Boy in the guise of Nobel Prize-winning rocket scientist.

And some pictures of the Noble Hound as he is so purty to look at:

And I accompanied DH to the hospital for his 2nd injection into his eye - but the check they did beforehand confirms that there has been an improvement in the condition of his retina; I guess you can imagine how happy I am about that !

So all in all, last week a bit of a mixed week ... Do come back on Friday to see pictures of Destructo Boy's school sweater - if he hasn't lost it in the meanwhile. If he has, look for him in the coal-hole.


  1. That is one good-looking hound :D

  2. Gorgeous dawgie. And poor ill destructo boy- that looks sore! Well done with getting the sweater completed!

  3. So happy for the good news for DH, and will continue to fill the atmosphere with good thoughts and wishes. Thanks for you comment - I love the dark foliage on the Dahlia. Those pods are definitely the Morning Glory, I don't know the variety.

  4. Well, they do say that "family people" have a wider emotional experience. Being a (single) "emotional flat-liner" may advantages though... But then the HOUND rises above it all - To the skyline, at least. :D


  5. A hound fit for a great home, despite the broohaha from the front garden. :( And I must admit, Destructo Boy's back does look like it would smart. Ouch. For you as well. We do love that better living through chemistry, though. :)

    Take it easy ... and have a cocktail!

  6. Oh what a beautiful German shepard! I had one when I was younger and I want to have one again. They are so lovely dogs!


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